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Central New York Fishing Hotline

October 20 - October 27

A meeting on Trout Stream Management will take place on October 26 at the Whitney Point High School. For more information please view Trout Stream Management in NY.

We have hit that time of year again, though there is still plenty of good fishing left, many anglers have pulled their boats for the season and are starting to focus on hunting more than fishing. Reports will be harder to come by because of this, so there will likely be few changes to the report in coming weeks. Oswego and Wayne Counties have weekly fishing hotlines on their web sites as well and would be another good option for fishing reports; Oswego County (; and Wayne County ( Though Onondaga County doesn't have a weekly fishing report , their web site is another good source of fishing information in the region(

April 1st was the start of the new Freshwater Fishing Regulation Guide: April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018. You can obtain a copy from a licensing agent or view it at Summary of Freshwater Fishing Regulations.

Region 7

Lake Ontario

The lake fishing is pretty much done for the season with most of the activity know taking place in the tributaries.

Oswego River

The river is flowing at 1,780 cubic feet per second (cfs) as of 10/19. There are Chinook salmon being taken in the river on beads, egg imitating plastics and skein. Steelhead are also starting to be caught in the river. For information on salmon fishing please view the Pacific Salmon Fishing in Lake Ontario Tribs link found below in the Salmon River report.

Remember, the bridge to Leto Island is closed, and there are mandatory personal flotation device (PFD) zones on the river. Visit Oswego County Tourism web site for more information on this and also for information on the life jacket loaner programs in the area.

Salmon River

This river flow is at 335 cfs as of 10/19. A few salmon are still entering the river but most of the activity is now taking place in the middle and upper sections. Many of the salmon are in the process of spawning at this time. There are some steelhead being taken in the lower and middle sections with egg imitating flies or egg sacs working. For information on salmon fishing please view Pacific Salmon Fishing in Lake Ontario Tributaries.

The salmon egg take is still going on at the Salmon River Fish Hatchery. However, the egg take is now more sporadic with eggs being taken one day and maybe not the next day. The hours of the egg take are from around 9:30 AM to noon, and on weekdays only. As it's not being done daily, calling the hatchery is recommended if planning a trip at 315-298-5051.

Cayuga Lake

Lake trout fishing has slowed down in the last few weeks but some are still being taken by vertical jigging in 85 to 90 feet of water. Trolling 70 to 90 feet down over 150 to 200 foot of water has also been working. Some rain is needed to get the water levels up in the streams to get the fall brown trout and Atlantic salmon runs going. With the number of large salmon caught in the lake this summer it will be interesting to see how the fall runs are.

Skaneateles Lake

The lake trout fishing has slowed down, fish are being marked they have just been hard to catch. Which isn't uncommon during spawning time.No word on the yellow perch bite.

Owasco Lake

Vertical jigging has been working on the north end, it's been very sporadic though, with one day being hot and the next cold.

Oneida Lake

A few walleye are starting to be taken by anglers casting stickbaits from shore. Some cooler temperatures are likely needed to get the fall walleye bite really going. Often times casting stickbaits (minnow imitating lures) from shore just before and after dark, is a great way to catch walleye this time of year. The walleye come in close to shore as they follow the gizzard shad in. Yellow perch, when found, are biting in 10 to 15 foot of water on small minnows or crayfish.

Otisco Lake

Like Oneida, some cooler temperatures are needed to get the shore fall walleye bite going here as well. Look for largemouth bass in and around the weed beds. Keep covering water till you catch one then work that area thoroughly. For tiger musky try casting or trolling with large spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, stickbaits, or swim baits.

Whitney Point Reservoir

Look for walleye along the old river channel trolling with a worm harness or by jigging with a buck tail jig tipped with a half a nightcrawler. If anyone would like to contribute please use the fwfish7 link below.

Chenango, Tioughnioga and Susquehanna Rivers

Smallmouth bass and walleye are being taken on crankbaits in the deeper holes. Smallmouth are also being taken on top waters in shallow water. If anyone would like to contribute please use the fwfish7 link below.

Sandy Pond

No new fishing information and there will likely not be any until ice fishing season.

Eastern Region 8

Lake Ontario

Salmon are now in the tributaries and the lake fishing is starting to wind down. But there are still some brown trout and steelhead are being caught around river mouths by anglers casting spoons or fishing egg sacs.

Sodus and Irondequoit Bays

Largemouth bass fishing continues to be good and the yellow perch bite has started picking up. A variety of lures are working for the bass, while small minnows or minnow imitating plastics are working for the perch.

Seneca Lake

Trolling spoons or flashers and flies down 50 to 70 feet has been working for lake trout. If anyone would like to contribute to the hotline or if they have a good recommendation for a contact (baitshop, etc.), please use the fwfish7 link below.

Keuka and Canandaigua Lakes

No new information to report. If anyone would like to contribute to the hotline or if they have a good recommendation for a contact (baitshop, etc.), please use the fwfish7 link below.

Note: We are always looking for new participants in our Angler Diary Cooperator Program for our program on the Finger Lakes. Our numbers have dropped in recent years, and we need new cooperators now more than ever. If you fish Cayuga Lake, Owasco Lake, Skaneateles Lake, Otisco Lake or any of their tributaries and want to learn more about this program and how to sign up, please contact the Region 7 Fisheries office at (607) 753-3095 ext. 213, or on-line at If you fish Canadice Lake, Canandaigua Lake, Conesus Lake, Hemlock Lake, Honeoye Lake, Keuka Lake or Seneca Lake and want to learn more about this program and how to sign up, please contact the Region 8 Fisheries office at (585) 226-5343, or on-line at

If you would like to contribute to the fishing report, or need more fishing information, or have any fishing/fishing equipment related questions, you can contact Good luck fishing.

The fishing line can also be heard at (607) 753-1551.