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Shelving Rock Area of the Lake George Wild Forest

Lake George

The Shelving Rock Area is part of the Adirondack Forest Preserve within the Lake George Wild Forest. Located on the eastern shore of Lake George, the area consists of the state lands in the general vicinity of Shelving Rock Road, the Dacy Clearing Road and Shelving Rock Bay. The area from "Pines" to Shelving Rock Bay is a designated day use area.

Designated Campsites

campsite map

There are 13 designated camp sites in areas around Shelving Rock Road and Dacy Clearing Road. These sites, which are constructed in compliance with the primitive campsite requirements of the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan, provide a secluded setting allowing campers to truly experience on the Adirondack Forest Preserve that they have come to expect. Camping is only allowed at the designated campsites or more than 500 feet from the Shelving Rock and Dacy Clearing Roads.

Shelving Rock Campsite Map (PDF 121 KB) - download and print the map pictured here.

Shelving Rock Day Use Area


The Shelving Rock Day Use Area includes "The Pines" and is closed to camping. In the past, the usage of this area by large groups had resulted in significant degradation of natural resources, including loss of undergrowth vegetation, compaction and erosion of soils, and overuse of sanitary facilities.


parking lot

The Town of Fort Ann local law prohibits parking along Shelving Rock Road. All vehicles must park in one of eight (8) current parking lots or they will be ticketed. The Town of Fort Ann will improve the parking lots and construct a ninth (9th) parking lot this summer under a contract with DEC.

Shelving Rock Parking Lots (PDF 131 KB)

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