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2012 Catch and Release Category Winners

2012 Winners Catch and Release Category
Species Length
Angler Lure Water County Catch Date
Black Crappie 14.5 Michael Connelly Mr. Twisty Jig Basic Creek Reservoir Albany 8/6/2012
Bluegill 10.5 Katelyn Becker Live maggots Godfreys Pond Genesee 5/13/2012
Bluegill 10.5 Tom Lowe Rebel Laurel Lake Suffolk 5/6/2012
Bluegill 10.25 Liam Becker Live maggots Godfreys Pond Genesee 5/13/2012
Bluegill 10.125 Jess Kozlowski Popper Snyders Lake Rensselaer 5/23/2012
Bluegill 10 Joe Spinola Jr. Senko Wantagh Mill Pond Nassau 7/27/2012
Bluegill 10 Karina Schmid Nightcrawler Rollins Pond Franklin 6/15/2012
Brown Trout - Inland Lakes 24 Richard Neiss Thumper Jig Croton Falls Reservoir Putnam 9/9/2012
Brown Trout - Inland Streams 25 Shawn Sabo Worm Owego Creek (West Branch) Tioga 5/26/2012
Brown Trout - Inland Streams 24 Timothy Didas Soft hackle pheasant deceiver fly Cohocton River Steuben 3/21/2012
Brown Trout - Inland Streams 21.75 Walter Wreden Brown nymph Mohawk River Oneida 6/5/2012
Brown Trout - Inland Streams 20 Ed Ostapczuk Woolly Bugger Neversink River Sullivan 4/3/2012
Chain Pickerel 27.5 Walter Wreden Twister Tail Barge Canal Oneida 5/28/2012
Chain Pickerel 26.6 Douglas Morrison Stinger spoon Oneida Lake Onondaga 10/28/2012
Chain Pickerel 26.5 Mike Lowe Flat fish lure Deep Pond Suffolk 5/12/2012
Chain Pickerel 26.18 Wesley Winters Live shiner Deep Pond Suffolk 2/22/2012
Chain Pickerel 25.25 Mathew Starin Floating rapala West Lake Fulton 5/26/2012
Chain Pickerel 25.20 Julia Ketner Live Minnow Deep Pond Suffolk 11/30/2012
Chain Pickerel 25 Austin Litton Minnow Twin Lakes Columbia 6/9/2012
Chain Pickerel 25 Michael Miller Mepps Aglia Forge Pond Suffolk 6/29/2012
Chain Pickerel 25 George D'Amato Little Cleo Seneca Lake Yates 3/15/2012
Chain Pickerel 25 Richard Neiss Bass Pro XPS Flat Shad New Croton Reservoir Westchester 9/6/2012
Chinook Salmon 44 Chuck Booker Dreamweaver Spoon WD65003 Lake Ontario Niagara 4/19/2012
Chinook Salmon 42.5 Herman Bushman J-plug Lake Ontario Oswego 6/29/2012
Chinook Salmon 42 Gary Bauer #12 Stone fly 18 Mile Creek Niagara 10/11/2012
Chinook Salmon 42 Peter Montante Blue Fox #5 spinner Genesee River Monroe 10/13/2012
Chinook Salmon 40 Michael Lenetsky Woolly Bugger Salmon River Oswego 9/26/2012
Coho Salmon 33 Michael Lenetsky Woolly Bugger Salmon River Oswego 10/17/2012
Lake Trout 37.5 Robert Swiatek Spoon Lake Erie Chautauqua 7/6/2012
Lake Trout 30.5 Joe Spinola Jr. Mepps Spinner Otsego Lake Otsego 6/25/2012
Largemouth Bass 25 Scott Maynard Buzz bait West Lake (private) Dutchess 7/17/2012
Largemouth Bass 24.25 Michael Domachowske Spinnerbait Lake Ontario Jefferson 9/2/2012
Largemouth Bass 24 Paul Pacer Rubber mouse Spaulding Lake Erie 8/5/2012
Largemouth Bass 23.5 Edward Lints Spinnerbait Eaton Reservoir Oneida 5/22/2012
Largemouth Bass 23 Chris Nishnick Crank Bait Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 9/22/2012
Largemouth Bass 22.75 Thomas Jones Rubber worm Pennellville Pond Oswego 9/15/2012
Largemouth Bass 22.5 Michael Hall Black beaver creature bait Park Station Reservoir Chemung 5/4/2012
Largemouth Bass 22.5 Richard Neiss Cabelas Rad Shad Croton Falls Reservoir Putnam 3/30/2012
Largemouth Bass 22.5 Christopher Fovel Soft plastic (trout) Flynn Pond Monroe 3/24/2012
Largemouth Bass 22 Daniel Ryterband BPS Stik-O-Worm Lake Champlain Essex 8/15/2012
Largemouth Bass 22 Ted Stalec Spinner Delta Lake Oneida 5/23/2012
Largemouth Bass 22 Anthony Daniels Plastic worm Raquette River St. Lawrence 7/24/2012
Largemouth Bass 21.5 Maria Rios Berkley Big Gulp worm Otsego Lake Otsego 8/31/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 Jim Everard BPS River Bug Eaton Brook Reservoir Madison 6/28/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 Carol Speed Yum Mighty Bug Honeoye Lake Ontario 7/7/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 Kathy Barlett Super Fluke Black Lake St. Lawrence 8/6/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 Robert Seymour Plastic worm Coxsackie Reservoir Greene 6/16/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 Tim O'Connell Stik-O-Worm Hudson River Saratoga 9/1/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 Austin Litton Minnow Twin Lakes Columbia 6/23/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 John Rogoz Rapala Minnnow Lake Jefferson Sullivan 9/13/2012
Largemouth Bass 21 Ryan Peck Stik-O Hudson River Saratoga 9/16/2012
Largemouth Bass 20.5 Joe Spinola Jr. Grub Lower Twin Pond Nassau 7/18/2012
Largemouth Bass 20.375 JM Hardy Silver Flicker spinnerbait Ashokan Reservoir Ulster 6/19/2012
Largemouth Bass 20 Kathy Branch Tube (topwater) Lake Champlain Clinton 7/27/2012
Largemouth Bass 20 Brian Miller Mepps Aglia Forge Pond Suffolk 6/29/2012
Largemouth Bass 20 Aquilino Acevedo Minnow Peconic River (Mills Pond) Suffolk 4/11/2012
Largemouth Bass 20 Ben Neal Live sawbelly Lake Mahopac Putnam 6/9/2012
Largemouth Bass 20 John Sparrow Plastic worm Blydenburgh Lake Suffolk 5/28/2012
Muskellunge 51 Robert Hoce Crane Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 7/31/2012
Muskellunge 50 Gerry Vaikness In-line spinner Black Lake St. Lawrence 7/28/2012
Northern Pike 44.5 Michael Domachowske Rapala Lake Ontario Jefferson 9/1/2012
Northern Pike 41 Eric Nisch Spinnerbait Nassau Lake Rensselaer 6/26/2012
Northern Pike 40 Eric Nisch Spinnerbait Nassau Lake Rensselaer 6/30/2012
Northern Pike 38.5 John Lints Doctor spoon Black River Lewis 7/2/2012
Northern Pike 38 Eric Nisch Spinnerbait Nassau Lake Rensselaer 7/10/2012
Northern Pike 37.5 Justin Dudley Spinnerbait First Pond Franklin 8/7/2012
Northern Pike 37.5 Corey Shappee Spinnerbait Nassau Lake Rensselaer 7/17/2012
Northern Pike 36.5 Matt Jones Spinnerbait Pennellville Pond Oswego 9/8/2012
Northern Pike 32 Daniel Ritzman Hair jig Otselic River Broome 3/7/2012
Pumpkinseed 10.5 Brian Della Mattera Nightcrawler Lake George Essex 6/30/2012
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 35 Chuck Booker Homemade spinner Lake Ontario Niagara 3/25/2012
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 34.5 Nathan Lucabaugh Egg sucking leech Oak Orchard Creek Orleans 3/20/2012
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 33 Robert Wasileski Egg Sac Lower Niagara River Niagara 12/29/2012
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 32 John Cody Egg Sac Salmon River Oswego 10/30/2012
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 30.5 Eric Dirolf Clouser minnow Lower Niagara River Niagara 3/12/2012
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 30 Ray Bonilla Marabou jig Lower Niagara River Niagara 3/17/2012
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 30 Robert Wasileski Egg Sac Lower Niagara River Niagara 12/29/2012
Rainbow Trout - Inland Streams 26 John Lively Egg Sac Catherine's Creek Chemung 4/1/2012
Smallmouth Bass 23.875 Michael Domachowske Spnnerbait Lake Ontario Jefferson 9/1/2012
Smallmouth Bass 23 Steve Ferrell Mepps Aglia #3 Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 5/15/2012
Smallmouth Bass 22 Kevin Young Jig NYSPA Reservoir Niagara 8/15/2012
Smallmouth Bass 21.5 Marcus Gersch KVD Caffeine Shad Oneida Lake Madison 9/9/2012
Smallmouth Bass 21 Douglas Smith Countdown Rapala Lake Ontario Jefferson 7/4/2012
Smallmouth Bass 21 Emanuel Anastos Mepps spinnerbait Rondout Reservoir Sullivan 7/9/2012
Smallmouth Bass 21 Colton Zack Plastic grub Grasse River St. Lawrence 7/7/2012
Smallmouth Bass 21 Marie Kelly Plastic Worm Lake Ontario Jefferson 9/1/2012
Smallmouth Bass 21 Eric Geiger Spinnerbait Lake Mahopac Putnam 4/20/2012
Smallmouth Bass 21 Walter Wreden Swim bait Barge Canal Oneida 6/25/2012
Smallmouth Bass 20.25 JM Hardy Worm Ashokan Reservoir Ulster 9/9/2012
Smallmouth Bass 20 Ashley Kasparian Perch Rig/Worm St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence 8/15/2012
Smallmouth Bass 20 Johnny Martin Storm Sub-Wart Second Pond Franklin 8/14/2012
Smallmouth Bass 20 Greg Kozlowski Senko Snyders Lake Rensselaer 6/6/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19.75 Jason Rumpf Nightcrawler Tomhannock Reservoir Rensselaer 8/10/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19.5 Colin Brodsky Senko Lake George Essex 8/3/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19.5 Tyler Garrison Rapala X-Rap Otisco Lake Onondaga 5/23/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19.5 Mary Katherine Konig Hedon Tiny Torpedo Great Sacandaga Lake Saratoga 8/8/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19.5 Cody Spencer Yamamoto senko Seventh Lake Hamilton 7/27/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19 Larry Kelley Nightcrawler Genesee River Allegany 7/12/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19 Thomas Levy Live sawbelly Kensico Reservoir Westchester 7/12/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19 Justin Dudley Crankbait Oseetah Lake Franklin 8/5/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19 Tyler Murray JR Spook Lake Champlain Clinton 7/28/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19 Mathew Burns Cicckin Repala Schroon Lake Warren 10/20/2012
Smallmouth Bass 19 David Dudley Storm Jointed Bait Oseetah Lake Franklin 8/9/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.5 Justin Dudley Crankbait Oseetah Lake Franklin 8/8/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.5 James Wells Rebel crawfish Susquehanna River Tioga 7/6/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.5 Victor Skoczylas Live Minnow Neversink Reservoir Sullivan 9/8/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.375 Jay VanDoren Popper Hadlock Pond Washington 7/26/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.25 Tim Galati Bucktail Jig an inland Pond Broome 9/13/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.25 Walt Keller Rapala F-7SMN Hudson River Saratoga 7/12/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.25 Laura Morrell Jig w/nightcrawler St. Lawrence River Jefferson 6/28/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.25 Jared Brunet Homemade spinnerbait Oseetah Lake Franklin 8/9/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.25 Graham Dudley Powerworm Oseetah Lake Franklin 8/7/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18.25 Susan Winter Jointed Rapala Conesus Lake Livingston 7/29/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 Tim Galati Blue Fox Spinner Otselic River Broome 9/17/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 Tim Galati Blue Fox Spinner Tioughnioga River Broome 10/13/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 Kade Slayton Live minnow St. Lawrence River Jefferson 6/28/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 Susan Winter Silver Blue Fox spinner Conesus Lake Livingston 7/30/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 John Rogoz Live Minnow Neversink Reservoir Sullivan 9/16/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 Craig Sheppard Crankbait Ashokan Reservoir Ulster 6/22/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 Carly Zach Twister grub Grasse River St. Lawrence 7/1/2012
Smallmouth Bass 18 Mary Jane Brodsky Roboworm Lake George Essex 8/6/2012
Striped Bass 41 Steve Jordan Chunk herring Hudson River Ulster 4/27/2012
Tiger Musky 40 Jeffrey Tyler Shiner Lake Durant Hamilton 2/17/2012
Tiger Musky 40 Jim Coon Spinnerbait Conesus Lake Livingston 8/22/2012
Walleye 31 Greg Becker Worm harness Lake Erie Erie 7/22/2012
Walleye 29 Robert Swiatek Spoon Lake Erie Chautauqua 6/18/2012
Walleye 29 Michael Plasse Rapala Crawfish Schoharie Creek Montgomery 7/6/2012
Yellow Perch 17 Philip Torok Storm Wildeye Pro Curl Mohawk River Schenectady 5/6/2012
Yellow Perch 15.125 Greg Becker Live golden shiner Lake Erie Erie 5/6/2012
Yellow Perch 15 Nicholas Wells Strike King spinnerbait Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 5/27/2012
Yellow Perch 14.4 Tim Galati Fathead minnow Inland Pond Chenango 4/15/2012
Yellow Perch 14 Colin Brodsky Minnow Lake George Warren 5/27/2012
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