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Indian Lake

image of Indian Lake in the winter of 2012/2013

This small lake, located in the middle of Crotona Park, has largemouth bass, bluegill, and pumpkinseeds. Recent improvements in the landscaping have improved the shoreline in the past few years. The deck in front of the nature center is a convenient place to cast from, but paved paths make it possible to access other areas of the shoreline. Algal cover can be extensive in the warm months.

Physical Features:

Elevation: 75 feet
Area: 3 acres
Shoreline Length: 0.34 miles


Indian Lake is located within Crotona Park, Bronx. The lake is east of Crotona Ave and north of Claremont Parkway in the park. Crotona Park Nature Center is adjacent to the lake also.

Directions through public transportation

  • 2/5 train to 174th St: walk South West on Boston Rd. until you can turn right on Charlotte St. Follow Charlotte to the park, lake will be straight ahead.
  • B/D to 170th St; transfer to BX11 to Claremont Pkwy/Crotona Ave; walk north along Claremont, the lake will be on your right.

Fish Species:

Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed


To catch a good-sized largemouth bass, try soft plastic baits like a plastic worm, Texas or wacky rigged. Try reaction baits such as topwater lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, or swimbaits earlier in the season before the weeds fill in. If weeds are thick, use heavier line such as 15 lb. monofilament or higher to prevent loss of tackle. Bring weedless hooks and gear later in the year for less hang-ups. Bluegill and pumpkinseed can be caught using a bobber and live worms. Remember to tamp down all barbs on hooks as New York City regulations require the use of barbless hooks.


Special fishing regulations apply (leaving DEC website to official Fishing Regulations Guide vendor website)

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation rules require the use of non-lead weights and barbless hooks.

Fisheries Survey:

Largemouth Bass CPUE for Eight New York City Water Bodies (table updated 2016)
Waterbody 8" and over 12" and over 15" and over
Baisley Pond 23 19 10
Central Park Lake 18 15 9
Harlem Meer 106 54 9
Indian Lake 20 20 1
Kissena Lake 12 6 4
Oakland Lake 14 4 0
Prospect Park Lake 53 53 13
Van Cortlandt Lake 47 19 6
Willowbrook Lake 108 15 6