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Access to State Forests for those with Mobility Limitations

Central New York Forests/Region 7

For those with mobility limitations DEC allows the user, via a permit, to access specific trails on certain state forests with an ATV. A temporary revocable permit (TRP) from the DEC's Division of Lands and Forests is required in order to use an ATV on these trails. A doctor must certify one's qualifying disability on the application form, and the form must be submitted to the DEC regional office. If approved, you will receive a permit that will authorize travel on trails that have been designated by the Department for the use of qualified people with disabilities using a suitable motor vehicle.

You may see or hear these trails referred to as CP3 trails. CP3 stands for Commissioner Policy Three. This policy, enacted by the DEC Commissioner, clarifies the Department's authority to issue temporary revocable permits (TRPs) to provide motor vehicle access to certain State lands under the jurisdiction of the Department for qualified people with disabilities. It includes criteria which will be used to determine if a person qualifies for such TRPs.

In DEC Region 7/Central New York, the following forests have trails which meet this CP3 definition. Please remember that not all trails in these forests are open to off road vehicle use. These special trails or CP3 trails are shown in yellow on the forest maps and say "Motorized Access by Permit Only".

The following is a list of forests in Region 7 that have one or more trails for those with mobility impairments. A CP3/special trail is shown in yellow on the forest map.

Broome County

Whitaker Swamp State Forest

Cayuga County

Bear Swamp State Forest

Chenango County

Beaver Meadow State Forest
Coventry State Forest
Genegantslet State Forest
McDonough State Forest

Cortland County

James Kennedy State Forest
Hoxie Gorge State Forest

Madison County

Brookfield Railroad State Forest
Three Spring State Forest

Oswego County

Kasoag State Forest
Klondike State Forest
O'Hara State Forest
Orton Hollow State Forest
Stone Hill State Forest

Tioga County

Beaver Dam State Forest
Oakley Corners State Forest

Tompkins County

Danby State Forest
Hammond Hill State Forest
Potato Hill State Forest
Shindagin State Forest
Yellow Barn State Forest

A complete list of DEC CP3 trails (PDF, 549 kb) with the location and length of each is available.

For those who want to use these CP3/ special trails to gain access to land from which to hunt, an additional permit must also be obtained if the hunter will possess a loaded firearm in or on his motor vehicle. Non-ambulatory hunter permits are issued through the DEC's Special License Unit in the Bureau of Wildlife.