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Baxtertown Woods Wildlife Management Area

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Baxtertown Woods WMA's 250 acres contain a blend of upland and wetland forest communities. A utility right-of-way running through the center of the WMA provides some transitional and early successional habitat, dominated by woody shrub species and herbaceous vegetation. The diverse habitats make this a good hunting area and also a good place to view or photograph wildlife.

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Big game and wild turkey hunting is restricted to bows and crossbows only. Rifles are prohibited. Hunters are reminded that the adjacent Stony Kill Farm Environmental Education Center remains closed to hunting and trapping. Hunting access is from the three small designated parking areas, two on Baxtertown Road and one on Cynwyd Drive.



Open water and surrounding wetland
Wetland at Baxtertown WMA

Trappers will find fox, raccoon, and opossum.


The area is entirely in the Town of Fishkill and is east of Route 9D and south of Baxtertown Road. There are three small parking areas. Two are on Rte. 34/Baxtertown Rd. on the north edge of the WMA. The other is on Cynwyd Drive.

Rules and Regulations

All hunters and trappers must have a valid NYS hunting or trapping license and tags.

The following acts are prohibited:

  • Use of motor vehicles except in designated parking areas.
  • Parking of motor vehicles beyond the limits of a posted quota or outside the designated parking areas.
  • Construction of structures, blinds, platforms or stands.
  • Cutting, plucking, severing, damaging or removing trees or other vegetation.
  • Camping, littering, kindling fires, damaging or removing gates, fences, signs or other property.

How We Manage Baxtertown Woods WMA

Utility Right-of-Way at Baxtertown Woods WMA

Management options for active habitat management at the WMA are limited by lack of access and the significant amount of wetlands on the area. The utility right-of-way through the area is maintained in low-statues vegetation to prevent interference with the utility lines. No additional habitat management is currently planned for the area.

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