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Basswood Pond

Physical Features:

Elevation: 1,758 feet
Area: 15.6 acres
Shoreline Length: 0.5 miles
Length: 0.22 miles
Max Depth: 15 feet
Mean Depth: N/A
Town: Burlington

Aquatic Vegetation:

Abundant rooted aquatic vegetation.


Located in Basswood State Forest on Conservation Road. Small park and fishing dock on south west corner of pond.

Fish Species:

Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Goldfish, Golden Shiner, Bluntnose Minnow, Fathead Minnow, Brown Bullhead, Pumpkinseed, Largemouth Bass


Basswood Pond is most popular for its trout fishing. The pond has been reclaimed numerous times due to illegal stocking of non-trout species. Since the last reclamation, the pond is managed for both warm and cold water species. Annually stocked with approximately 350 brown trout 8-15" in length and 100 rainbow trout 8-10" in length.

Ice Fishing:



Special Regulations apply.