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Venison Donation Program

Two men holding some donated venison in packages at a food bank

Venison Donation

You've heard the story, more deer every year, fewer hunters, more crop damage, more car-deer collisions . . . and even more needy. Yes, more needy.

Now there is a means for YOU, the sportsman to contribute to those in need within your local area. By filling your deer permits you can not only help reduce the State's growing deer population, but you can feed less fortunate families. Several groups have established programs that promote the donation of venison to feed the hungry.

More information about each program can be found at Venison Donation Coalition and Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (See Links Leaving DEC's Website).

All the programs need from you is your generosity and cooperation. Those in need in your community will be very thankful.

You may also help by donating cash when you purchase a hunting license online, in person, or by phone at 1-866-933-2257 (M-F from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM). Recent legislation authorized a voluntary contribution process and also established a separate fund for these monies to pay for the costs of processing donated venison.