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Motor Island Wildlife Management Area

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Size: 6 acres

Motor Island WMA is located in the Upper Niagara River in the Town of Grand Island in Erie County.

Watchable Wildlife

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There are many wildlife species to be seen near Motor Island WMA. Waterbirds found nesting on the island include mallards, Canadian geese, ring-billed gulls, double-crested cormorants, great blue herons, black crowned night herons and great egrets. Some waterfowl hunting takes place along the perimeter of the island.


The area was purchased in 1998 by the DEC with funding from the 1996 Environmental Quality Bond Act. The area was acquired to protect habitat for a unique group of colonial nesting birds which is part of a large significant coastal habitat critical to the Niagara River Ecosystem.


At this time, the Bureau of Wildlife is not conducting any land management activities on the island. However, the New York Power Authority is implementing the Motor Island Shoreline Restoration Habitat Improvement Project. This project is part of the requirements in the power authority's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license and NYS Water Quality Certificate for the Niagara Power Project. This Habitat Improvement Project (HIP) was developed jointly with DEC and involves some invasive species removal and shoreline habitat creation.

For more information, call or write to:

Region 9 Wildlife Manager
182 East Union Street, Suite 3
Allegany, NY 14706