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Rules for Mt. Loretto

While Mt. Loretto is open from dawn to dusk, please remember you share the property with the wildlife that call it home. Running through the fields of high grass disrupts nesting grassland birds, adding more stress to a difficult time for the birds, so please remain on the established trails.

Also, the high grass is a wonderful place to pick up ticks. Be sure to check yourself over (Don't forget your canine friend!) for ticks after you enjoy the trails at Mt. Loretto.

A plant to look out for is poison ivy. Mt. Loretto is home to all three forms of poison ivy: the free-standing, woody plants; the hairy, woody vines; and the small ground plant. To stay itch-free, remember the adage, "leaves of three, leave it be." (Add in "hairy vines, leave them be" and you are covered on the poison ivy front.)

Rules of Mt. Loretto

  • No littering - a "Carry in, Carry out" facility
  • Park vehicles only in designated areas
  • Vehicles are not allowed beyond the parking area and cannot remain on the property overnight
  • Horseback riding is limited to the beach area only
  • Fishing is allowed in compliance with State regulations
  • Pedestrians and dogs are to remain on designated trails at all times
  • Dogs must remain on a leash at all times and owners must pick up after their dogs
  • Bicycles are allowed only on asphalt surfaces (Trail riding is prohibited)
  • Prohibited activities include:
    • Use of ATVs, snowmobiles, and other off-road vehicles
    • Use of remote-controlled and model airplanes
    • All fires, including camp grills and cooking fires
    • Collection of plants, wildlife, and/or cultural material
    • Introduction or release of plants and wildlife
    • Removal and/or defacement of state property
    • Hunting and trapping
    • Use and discharge of any firearm or weapon
    • Playing of radios, loudspeakers, or other sound equipment
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Camping
  • Jet-skis and other motorized watercraft are not allowed within 100 feet of shore
  • Kayaks, canoes, and other non-motorized watercraft are allowed on the seashore but cannot remain overnight
  • A Temporary Revocable Permit is required to preform the following activities at Mount Loretto Unique Area:
    • filming
    • activities taking place between sunset and sunrise
    • placement of geocaches
  • Visitors must comply with all DEC posted notices and DEC personnel instructions

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