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2011 Catch and Release Category Winners

2011 Catch and Release Category Winners
Species Length
Angler Lure Water County Date
Bluegill 10 Tim Galati Nightcrawler Bailey Hollow Reservoir Broome 6/27/2011
Bluegill 10.125 Josette Lapinski worm Kahlers Pond Suffolk 7/15/2011
Bluegill 10 Mike Chalk Nightcrawler Verplanck Clay Hole Westchester 4/29/2011
Brook Trout 25.5 Edward Hood Wobbler/worm Twin Pond Franklin 6/4/2011
Brook Trout 21.5 Chris Hohn Panther Martin Unadilla River Herkimer 6/4/2011
Brook Trout 19 John Flynn EGB lure Pine Lake Lewis 5/5/2011
Brown Trout 22.5 Mark Kintner Panther Martin Salmon River Franklin 6/14/2011
Brown Trout - Great Lakes 34 Chuck Booker Egg sack/fly 12 Mile Creek Niagara 11/26/2011
Brown Trout - Great Lakes 32 Michael Cherwek Golden Retriever Salmon River Oswego 11/1/2011
Brown Trout - Inland Streams 20.5 Shaun Cummings Nightcrawler Otter Creek Cortland 5/1/2011
Brown Trout - Inland Streams 20 Tony Gardner Rooster Tail Cattaraugus Creek Wyoming 3/19/2011
Chain Pickerel 25 "Dredd" Scott Conlee Spinner Churchtown Reservoir Columbia 6/12/2011
Chain Pickerel 25.5 Stephen Kroll Rapala Lake Algonquin Hamilton 5/29/2011
Chain Pickerel 27 Stephen Spletzer Lurh Jensen Spoon Lake Ontario Jefferson 5/31/2011
Chain Pickerel 27.5 Matthew Smith Mepps Mohawk River Oneida 8/28/2011
Chain Pickerel 25 John Kurre Nightcrawler Deep Pond Suffolk 11/20/2011
Chinook Salmon 45 Chuck Booker Fly 12 Mile Creek Niagara 11/11/2011
Chinook Salmon 42 Chuck Booker Fly Four Mile Creek Niagara 11/5/2011
Chinook Salmon 41.75 Walter Wreden Natural egg Salmon River Oswego 9/16/2011
Chinook Salmon 46 Nathan Lucabaugh Fly Salmon River Oswego 10/17/2011
Coho Salmon 34 Chuck Booker Egg Fly 12 Mile Creek Niagara 12/1/2011
Common Carp 36.25 Tim Galati Crayfish Tioughnioga River Broome 7/28/2011
Common Carp 36.5 Adam Gross Corn Chemung River Steuben 8/29/2011
Common Carp 37 Loomis Ramsey Doughball Keuka Lake Yates 7/19/2011
Lake Trout - Inland 32 Dean Everhart Sutton Spoon Cayuga Lake Tompkins 8/17/2011
Lake Trout - Inland 31.5 Michael Yannick Kwikfish Lake George Warren 9/2/2011
Largemouth Bass 20 Patrick Graber Spinnerbait Findley Lake Chautauqua 9/9/2011
Largemouth Bass 20 Stephen Nichols Top Water Chugger Lake Champlain Essex 7/19/2011
Largemouth Bass 20.25 Todd Hughes Rubber worm Augur Lake Essex 5/13/2011
Largemouth Bass 22 Zachary DeLany Nightcrawler Brantingham Lake Lewis 6/30/2011
Largemouth Bass 21 James Kallies Rapala Shad Rap (jointed) Lebanon Reservoir Madison 9/10/2011
Largemouth Bass 21 Scott Hrolicka Yum 5" Dinger Delta Lake Oneida 7/2/2011
Largemouth Bass 23.5 Tyler Clement Crank bait Honeoye Lake Ontario 8/4/2011
Largemouth Bass 21.5 Louis Misiaszek Green Ghost St. Mary's Pond Oswego 6/25/2011
Largemouth Bass 22.5 Richard Neiss Cabelas Red Shad Croton Falls Reservoir Putnam 4/8/2011
Largemouth Bass 21 Ryder Law Senko Lake Lonely Saratoga 7/10/2011
Largemouth Bass 22 Josh Long Yamasenko Ballston Lake Saratoga 8/22/2011
Largemouth Bass 21.5 Aquilino "Ace" Acevedo Spinnerbait Blydenburgh Lake Suffolk 7/10/2011
Largemouth Bass 22.25 Joe Spinola Jr. Weedless frog Blydenburgh Lake Suffolk 9/3/2011
Largemouth Bass 20 Lauren VanAken Rapala Mountain Lake Sullivan 5/15/2011
Largemouth Bass 23.5 Todd Gruenhagen Rubber worm Lake Joseph Sullivan 9/4/2011
Largemouth Bass 21 Loomis Ramsey Live crayfish Keuka Lake Yates 7/14/2011
Muskellunge 50 Robert Hoce Baker Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 6/21/2011
Muskellunge 60 Daniel Polniak Jr. Believer St. Lawrence River Jefferson 11/27/2011
Northern Pike 38 Travis Shafer Dare Devil Kinderhook Lake Columbia 7/18/2011
Northern Pike 36 Richard Meschino Rattle Trap Lake Champlain Essex 10/11/2011
Northern Pike 36.5 Todd Hughes Mepps spinner Augur Lake Essex 5/12/2011
Northern Pike 36 John Caravello Daredevil Lake George Essex 7/4/2011
Northern Pike 40.5 John Hoxie Shiner Hatch Lake Madison 2/16/2011
Northern Pike 43.5 Tom Kielbasinski Fathead minnow Oneida Lake Oneida 2/16/2011
Northern Pike 40 Ryan Concert Spinnerbait Lake Ontario Wayne 6/28/2011
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 32.5 Roger Harrison Egg sac Cattaraugus Creek Cattaraugus 3/30/2011
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 35.5 Michael DiSarno Jig Lower Niagara River Niagara 11/12/2011
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 30 Eric Dirolf Egg Sac Lower Niagara River Niagara 11/26/2011
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 34.5 Walter Wreden Egg sack Salmon River Oswego 10/12/2011
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 33 Bill Cash Sucker spawn Salmon River Oswego 3/20/2011
Rainbow Trout - Great Lakes 32 John Cody Nymph Salmon River Oswego 2/28/2011
Rainbow Trout - Inland Streams 23.5 Shaun Cummings Nightcrawler Otter Creek Cortland 4/30/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18.5 Tim Galati Margined Madtom Tioughnioga River Broome 7/24/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18.5 Patrick Graber Spinnerbait Findley Lake Chautauqua 9/7/2011
Smallmouth Bass 23 Steve Nishnick Jerk bait Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 10/13/2011
Smallmouth Bass 20 Robert Swiatek Aglia spinner Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 8/15/2011
Smallmouth Bass 23.5 Zachary Paufler Jig with Trailer Cassadaga Lake Chautauqua 8/21/2011
Smallmouth Bass 20 Michael Napierala Rattlin' Rapala Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 6/6/2011
Smallmouth Bass 21 Jason Dundr Tube Lake Erie Chautauqua 5/25/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18 Ian Gordon Weedless Spoon Lake Champlain Clinton 8/4/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18.125 Harvey Silver Crank bait Pepacton Reservoir Delaware 10/9/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18 Konrad Pawlak Rapala Minnow Rap Lake Erie Erie 5/28/2011
Smallmouth Bass 23 Craig VanDeCar Live crayfish Lake George Essex 9/16/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18 Jared Brunet Bomber Shallow Crank Oseetah Lake Franklin 8/3/2011
Smallmouth Bass 19 Benjamin Smith Strike King Crankbait Lake Ontario Jefferson 8/13/2011
Smallmouth Bass 20 Dan Young Curly tail grub Power Authority Reservoir Niagara 5/25/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18.5 Walter Wreden Barge Canal Oneida 6/23/2011
Smallmouth Bass 19.5 Richard Neiss Cabelas Red Shad Bog Brook Reservoir Putnam 4/10/2011
Smallmouth Bass 20.75 Tomasz Ciesielczyk Plastic worm Tomhannock Reservoir Rensselaer 8/20/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18 Edward Piotrowski Strike King Spinnerbait Galway Lake Saratoga 10/8/2011
Smallmouth Bass 22 Justin Morales Strike King Buzz Bait Mohawk River Saratoga 7/18/2011
Smallmouth Bass 19 Brian Frugis Crankbait Mohawk River Schenectady 7/7/2011
Smallmouth Bass 20 James Judware Senko St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence 7/9/2011
Smallmouth Bass 20 Mark Moyna Minnow St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence 7/12/2011
Smallmouth Bass 19.5 Mark Moyna Worm St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence 7/11/2011
Smallmouth Bass 19 Shane Crawford Jr. Spinnerbait Grasse River St. Lawrence 7/8/2011
Smallmouth Bass 18 Elizabeth Moyna Nightcrawler St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence 7/15/2011
Smallmouth Bass 19.5 D.L. Ramsey Live crayfish Keuka Lake Yates 7/20/2011
Tiger Musky 46 Jeremy Lebediker Spinner Seneca River Onondaga 7/31/2011
Walleye 32 Virginia Martin Berkley Walleye Grub Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua 5/10/2011
Walleye 30.5 Robert Swiatek Mepps spoon Lake Erie Chautauqua 8/17/2011
Walleye 30 David Spletzer Matzuo crankbait Lake Ontario Jefferson 5/31/2011
Walleye 26 John Corbett Bomber Long A Otisco Lake Onondaga 6/4/2011
Yellow Perch 15.5 Savannah Fiore Shiner Rip Van Winkle Lake Greene 1/8/2011
Yellow Perch 14.5 Kyle Dingee Shiner Lake Rip Van Winkle Greene 2/19/2011
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