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Marine Fishery Landings and Statistics

The information found below represents the number of pounds or dollar value of marine animals landed or unloaded from commercial boats at New York docks.

Do you know, out of all commercially caught marine species, what were the top three marine species landed in New York in 2009?

  1. Atlantic surfclam - 8,798,554 pounds
  2. Silver hake - 4,259,561 pounds
  3. Longfin Squid - 4,099,784 pounds

Do you know which were the top three marine finfish landed in New York in 2009?

silver hakeThe top fish is the silver hake, at 4,259,561 pounds.

scupIn second place is the scup at 1,848,002 pounds.

golden tilefish
Photo courtesy of
Virginia Marine Resources

Third place is held by the golden tilefish at 1,426,914 pounds.

How about this...what were the three most valuable (in total dollar amount) marine species landed in New York in 2009?

  1. Hard clam (Quahog) - $8,396,994
  2. Atlantic surfclam - $5,857,616
  3. Sea scallop - $5,018,494

oystersThe most valuable (dollars per pound) marine species landed in New York in 2009 was the Eastern oyster. It had a value of $22.23 per pound. Only 64,246 pounds were landed with a total value of $1,428,015.

More Fishery Landings and Statistics

The data on this page as well as more commercial and recreational fishery landings statistics can be found at on the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Fisheries Statistics and Economics web site (link to the website can be found in the right hand column on this page).

NMFS is a branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Fisheries Statistics and Economics Division of NMFS collects commercial and recreational fisheries landings data from all the states in the country. It also collects foreign commercial fishery data. These data are available in a database and can be retrieved upon request from the web site. NMFS also has information about fish economics and conditions in the fisheries market.

Check out the NMFS web site (links found in right hand column of this page) and see what else you can learn about New York fisheries.