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Adirondack Rock Climbing Route Closures

Pergrine Falcon

Peregrine falcons, an endangered species in New York State, are again nesting on cliffs in the Adirondack Park. The population of peregrine falcons has steadily grown since the DEC undertook hacking programs in the Adirondacks in the late 1970s.

Cliffs with known peregrine falcon nesting sites are monitored annually throughout the Adirondacks. Rock climbing routes with active nest sites are temporarily closed to prevent any disturbances that might interfere with the successful raising of the young peregrine falcons.

The closure of climbing routes is based on a number of factors, primarily the route's proximity and visibility to a nesting site. Each situation is unique and a specific distance from the nest site can not be used to make a closure determination. DEC's priority is protecting an endangered species; however, attempts are made to maximize the opportunities for climbing at the same time.

At the beginning of the season DEC closes whole or large portions of cliffs where peregrine falcons have regularly nested. This allows them to choose a nesting site without any being troubled by climbing activity. They often choose a site quickly and begin nesting earlier, than when the cliff's were subject to climbing activities. Climbers benefit because the earlier start nesting results in the corresponding earlier fledging of the young and therefore the closed routes are re-opened sooner.

July 2, 2014

High Peaks Wilderness - Indian Pass

Climbers on the Diagonal Area of Wallface reported being dive-bombed by peregrine falcons. An actual nest location has not yet been confirmed. DEC advises climbers to avoid the Diagonal Area of Wallface until further notice.

Wilmington Notch

Moss Cliff: All climbing routes are open, no peregrine falcon activity has been observed.

Chapel Pond

Upper Washbowl Cliffs: All climbing routes remain closed as peregrine falcon nesting has been confirmed.

Lower Washbowl Cliffs: All climbing routes are open.

Poke-o-Moonshine Mountain

Peregrine falcon nesting activity has been confirmed on The Nose of the Main Face. The climbing routes described on pages 46-62 (routes #26 through #77) of Adirondack Rock - A Rock Climber's Guideand as listed below are closed. All other routes are open to climbers.

  • 26 Garter
  • 27 Varsity
  • 28 Junior Varsity
  • 29 The Snake
  • 30 Roof of All Evil
  • 31 Slime Line
  • 32 Firing Line
  • 33 Psychosis
  • 34 Microwave
  • 35 Creaking Wall
  • 36 Blinded by Rainbows
  • 37 Forget Bullet
  • 38 Rattlesnake
  • 39 Freedom Flight
  • 40 Project
  • 41 Remembering Youth
  • 42 Sound System
  • 43 Pillar
  • 44 Autumn Flare
  • 45 Katrina
  • 46 Deuteronomy
  • 47 Superstition Traverse
  • 48 Spooks
  • 49 The Howling
  • 50 Salad Days
  • 51 Climb Control To Major Bob
  • 52 Pentecostal
  • 53 Project
  • 54 Verdon
  • 55 Homecoming
  • 56 Ukiah
  • 57 Raindance
  • 58 Libido
  • 59 Snake Slide
  • 60 Scorpion
  • 63 Summer Break
  • 64 Wild Blue
  • 65 God's Grace
  • 66 Home Run Derby
  • 67 Karmic Kickback
  • 68 The FM
  • 69 Nose Traverse
  • 70 Sky Traverse
  • 71 Silver Streak
  • 72 Spectacular Rising Traverse
  • 73 The Body Snatcher
  • 75 The Snatch
  • 76 Knights in Armor
  • 77 Great Dihedral

When the young falcons have fledged (left their nest) DEC will reopen the closed climbing routes.

DEC thanks the volunteers that monitored the nesting sites and the climbing community for their cooperation in avoiding the closed cliffs and routes while the peregrine falcons nested and raised their young.

If you have any questions on peregrine falcons contact the DEC Region 5 Wildlife Office at 518-897-1291.

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