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Adirondack Trail Information

view from Little Blue Mountain

Looking for a great seasonal hike in the Adirondacks? How about an easy, family-friendly hike? The Adirondack Regional Tourism Council website lists hundreds of hikes, complete with trail descriptions and directions. Prefer a quiet canoe ride or exhilarating kayaking adventure? Their website also includes a guide to Adirondack Waterways.

Trails Supporter Patch

The new Trails Supporter Patch is now available for $5 at all outlets where sporting licenses are sold, on-line and via telephone at 1-866-933-2257. Patch proceeds will help maintain and enhance non-motorized trails throughout New York State. Use the link in the right column for more information.

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Trail Notices and Information

These pages provide trail closures and other notices for the portion of the Adirondacks in NYSDEC Region 5, which are divided into areas corresponding with the DEC Forest Ranger zones. These will not necessarily match the regions of the Adirondacks found in guidebooks or other sources.

Select the area of the Adirondacks in which you are interested from the map below then select the corresponding link in the left column. The descriptions of the areas below and the Adirondack Forest Preserve Management Units Map will assist you in identifying the area in which you are interested.

The information provided is fairly general in nature, and while it is updated regularly, it may not reflect current specific conditions. The local Forest Ranger is the source for more current and specific information. Use the link to the right to obtain the name and phone number of the local Forest Ranger or call the DEC Region 5 office at 518-897-1200.

Be Aware: Back country hiking trails can be rugged and rough - they are not maintained as park walkways - wear proper footwear!

Remember: Weather and trail conditions can change rapidly, especially during fall, winter and spring. Plan and prepare accordingly.

Always: Inform someone of your itinerary and when you expect to return.

Use map to determine area of interest and check below for the Forest Preserve units found in each area.

Map of the Adirondacks depicting areas covered by specific web pages

1 - Northern Adirondacks includes most of the Adirondack State Forest Preserve and easement lands in Franklin County and a small portion of northwestern Hamilton County, including the following units: DeBar Mountain Wild Forest, Deer River Primitive Area, Madawaska Flow/Quebec Brook Primitive Area, Paul Smiths College Conservation Easement Lands, Round Lake Wilderness, Santa Clara Conservation Easement Lands , Saranac Lakes Wild Forest, St. Regis Canoe Area, the William C. Whitney Wilderness/Lake Lila and the northern portion of the Adirondack Canoe Route.

2 - Northeastern Adirondacks includes the Adirondack Forest Preserve and easement lands in Clinton County, northern Essex County and a small portion of eastern Franklin County, including the following units: Chazy Highlands Wild Forest, Jay Mountain Wilderness, Lake Champlain Islands, Sable Highlands Conservation Easement Lands, Split Rock Wild Forest, and Taylor Pond Wild Forest.

3 - High Peaks includes the Adirondack Forest Preserve lands and easement in northwestern and central Essex County, and some Forest Preserve lands in southeastern Franklin County and northwestern Hamilton County, including the following units: High Peaks Wilderness, Dix Mountain Wilderness, Giant Mountain Wilderness, Hurricane Mountain Wilderness, McKenzie Mountain Wilderness, Sentinel Range Wilderness and Wilmington Wild Forest

4 - Central and Southern Adirondacks includes the Adirondack Forest Preserve and easement lands in most of Hamilton County and Fulton County, and a some Forest Preserve lands in western Essex County including the following units: Blue Mountain Wild Forest, Blue Ridge Wilderness, Ferris Lake Wild Forest, Jessup River Wild Forest, Moose River Plains Complex, Perkins Clearing/Speculator Tree Farm Conservation Easement, Pigeon Lake Wilderness, Sargent Ponds Wild Forest, Shaker Mountain Wild Forest, Silver Lake Wilderness, West Canada Lakes Wildernessand the central portion of the Adirondack Canoe Route.

5 - Eastern Adirondacks includes the Adirondack Forest Preserve and easement lands in southern Essex County, Warren County, eastern Hamilton County and Saratoga County, including the following units: Hammond Pond Wild Forest, Hoffman Notch Wilderness, Hudson Gorge Primitive Area, Lake George Wild Forest (portion in Warren County), Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, Santanoni Historic Preserve, Siamese Ponds Wilderness, Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest and Wilcox Lake Wild Forest.

6 - Southeastern Adirondacks includes the Adirondack Forest Preserve lands in Washington County, all of these lands make up the eastern portion of the Lake George Wild Forest.

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