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New York State Pumpout Facilities

Boaters are aware of and concerned about pollution threats facing our coastal and inland waters. While not a major source of pollution, sewage from recreational boats can contribute to the problem, especially in enclosed shallow bays where boats tend to congregate. Pumpout facilities are available in certain waterbodies around the state for the removal and disposal of recreational boater sewage. Boaters are required to use appropriate pumpout facilities in any waterbody designated as a No Discharge Zone.

DEC does not endorse any of the facilities or services listed.

No Discharge Zones Requested for Seneca and Cayuga Lakes and St. Lawrence River

DEC, in collaboration with the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, EFC and the New York State Department of State, has submitted petitions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to designate Seneca and Cayuga Lakes and New York’s portion of the St. Lawrence River as Vessel Waste No Discharge Zones. This designation means that boaters are not allowed to discharge their on-board sewage into the water. Boaters must instead dispose of their sewage at pumpout facilities that are available for recreational boater use.

  • Seneca and Cayuga Lakes Pumpout Stations Map (PDF) (216 KB)

    Pumpout facilities in Seneca and Cayuga Lakes: Seneca Lake State Park; Stiver's Marine; Barret Marine; Waterloo Harbor; Oak Island; Seneca Falls; Hibiscus Harbor; Samson State Park; Frontenac Harbor; Pinney's Marina; Taughannock Falls; Allen Treman State Park; Johnson Boat Yard; Montour Falls; Ervay's Marina; Glen Harbor Marina; Village Marina; Sampson State Park

  • St. Lawrence River Pumpout Stations Map (PDF) (413 KB)

    Pumpout facilities in the St. Lawrence River: Village of Waddington - Whitaker Park Dock, Village of Waddington - Island View Park; City of Ogdensburg; Village of Morristown - Bayside Park; Blind Bay Marina Corp.; Bonnie Castle Yacht Basin; Hutchinson's Boat Works, Inc.; Northern Marine, Inc.; Spicer Marine Basin; RJ Marine Associates, Ltd.; French Creek Marina - North; French Bay; French Creek Marina - South; NYSOPRHP - Cedar Point State Park; Milens Bay Marina; Chaumont Yacht Club; Kitto's Marina; Madison Barracks Marina; Navy Point Marina; Harbor View Marina, Inc.; Henchen Marina; Harbor's End, Inc. 

For more information about the Seneca and Cayuga Lake No Discharge Zone Designation Petition, including additional details about available pumpout stations, go to DEC's No Discharge Zone webpage. This page also lists all the approved No Discharge Zones in New York State.