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Keep Waterways Clean

Clean your fish at a fish cleaning station. Or practice catch and release fishing!

Leave your waste in an approved pumpout station or waste receptacle facility.

Environmentally friendly products and cleaners should be used on your boat.

Act responsibly to help reduce the spread of aquatic nuisance species by removing aquatic plants and other hitchhikers, washing your boat, and allowing it to dry thoroughly before entering another waterway.

Never prop a fuel trigger or leave unattended when filling your gasoline tank.

Boat wakes can cause shoreline erosion. Boat speed should be reduced to minimize your wake before reaching shorelines, or entering marine facilities.

Oil absorbent material should be placed in the bilge. Oil absorbent pads and a tray should be placed under the engine. Replace annually or as needed.

Act responsibly by recycling your cans, glass, plastic, newspaper, antifreeze, oil and lead batteries.

Treat paint dust and scrapings from your boat as hazardous waste. Consult the marina manager or the DEC for safe disposal instructions.

Inspect fuel lines regularly. Replace those with dry, cracked or soft spots.

Never discharge bilge water that has a sheen. It may contain oil or gas that can contribute to water pollution.

Good boaters should support marinas that are environmentally responsible.

Boating is good clean fun! Let's keep it that way!

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