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Lake Durant


Lake Durant is located east of the village of Blue Mountain Lake. Lake Durant is a warm water fishery and offers good fishing for both tiger muskies and largemouth bass.

Physical Features

Surface Area: 289 Acres
Lake Durant Contour Map (PDF) (184 KB)


There is a boat launch at the DEC's Lake Durant Campground. The campground is located on Route 28, 3 miles east of the Hamlet of Blue Mountain. Lake. This is a hard surface ramp that can hold 10 cars and trailers. Additionally, there is a accessible fishing pier at the campground. A day use fee will apply to access the campground.


Man holding tiger musky from Lake Durant.
Tiger Muskellunge from Lake Durant

Fish found within this lake include: largemouth bass, tiger muskellunge, brown bullhead, yellow perch, rock bass and pumpkinseed. The best time to fish on Lake Durant would be early morning and early evening. When fishing for muskies, it would be best to stay along the weedlines. When fishing for largemouth bass, it would be wise to fish near shallow, weedy, and stumpy areas. Most of Lake Durant is good bass habitat.


Each year Lake Durant is stocked with approximately 1,300 tiger muskellunge. Because the tiger musky is a hybrid, it is a sterile fish and has to be stocked to keep the population where it is now.


Special fishing regulations apply (leaving DEC website to official Fishing Regulations Guide vendor website)

Ice fishing is permitted on Lake Durant.