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West Caroga Lake


West Caroga Lake is located in the Town of Caroga, Fulton County. The lake is known for excellent warm water fishing, but it also offers the only location to fish for splake in the county.

Physical Features

Surface Area: 275 Acres
Mean Depth: 13 Ft
Max Depth: 74 Ft
West Caroga Lake Contour Map (PDF) (238 KB)


To access to the lake, boaters can use the state campground on east Caroga Lake. The campground is on Route 29A, 9 miles northwest of City of Gloversville. It is a beach launch site with parking for 15 cars and trailers.


Fish found within this lake include: smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, brown bullhead, yellow perch, pumpkinseed and splake. Anglers have the opportunity to fish for warm water species and trout because of the contour of lake. Rainbow trout have also been known to enter into West Caroga Lake.

Fish Stocking

Each year West Caroga Lake is stocked with approximately 4,550 Splake. This stocking helps to keep the fishery strong and successful for everyone to enjoy.


Special fishing regulations apply (leaving DEC website to official Fishing Regulations Guide vendor website).

Ice fishing is permitted on West Caroga Lake.