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Jamesville Reservoir Walleye Survey (2010)

Survey Number: 710009
Survey Date: October, 16, 2010

Walleyes (6,600 pond fingerlings) were last stocked in Jamesville Reservoir in 2006. Night-time boat electrofishing was conducted on October 19, 2010, to assess the current status of the walleye population in the reservoir as well as to determine the significance of natural reproduction/recruitment of walleyes to the fishery.

The entire perimeter of the lake was sampled, and twelve (12) walleye were collected. The catch rate of walleyes was 5.6 fish per hour. Walleyes ranged in size from 398 mm to 512 mm (15.7 in - 20.2 in) and ranged in age from 3 to 7+ years. The single age 3 fish in this collection is the only walleye that would have been produced as a result of natural reproduction in the Jamesville Reservoir system. Given that we captured only one wild produced fish, it appears that recruitment from natural reproduction in the system is limited.

Similar surveys conducted in 2003 and 1995, during periods of walleye stocking, yielded contrasting information. Catch rates of walleye were distinctly higher (13.2 and 50.5 walleye per hour, respectively), and many age classes of walleyes were present in those samples (Age 0+ on up).

Even though there is likely suitable spawning habitat in Jamesville Reservoir and its main tributary (Butternut Creek), based upon information from this survey (including an observed abundant population of White perch), it is unlikely that any significant natural recruitment of walleye has occurred in the period since stocking was last conducted. It is recommended at this time to resume the stocking of walleyes in Jamesville Reservoir to maintain the quality of the walleye fishery.

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