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Victory Mills Wildlife Management Area

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Lands along Fish Creek at the northern end of Victory Mills Wildlife Management Area

Victory Mills Wildlife Management Area comprises 47 acres of natural wetlands and a section of Fish Creek. It is located between State Route 32 and Haas Road. near the Village of Victory in the Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York.

Recreational Opportunities

Hunting, fishing and trapping are integral parts of the conservation and management of New York's natural resources and the various Wildlife Management Areas across the state are no exception.

Waterfowl entice hunters to Victory Mills, while muskrat and mink attract the interest of trappers.

Rules for Use

The Victory Mills Wildlife Management Area is open year-round for hunting, fishing, trapping and other forms of wildlife enjoyment in accordance with the Environmental Conservation Law and regulations. Please check the annual syllabus for season dates and regulations.

Boundaries areas are clearly marked and any special regulations are conspicuously posted at all access points. Parking is not available at this time, but there is access via a narrow strip at the south-eastern corner of the Mennen Rd. bridge crossing over Fish Creek.

The following are prohibited: swimming, overnight camping, fires, and the use of all motorized vehicles or motorized water conveyances unless specifically stated.

Please Observe Good Outdoor Manners: If You Carry It In, Carry It Out


Victory Mills Wildlife Management Area has a diverse array of birds and mammals. These include waterfowl such as wood ducks, mallards, teal, and black ducks, as well as other wetland dependant bird species. Mammals may include muskrats, beaver, mink, and possibly river otter.


From Schuylerville take State Route 32 south approximately 1.3 miles and turn left onto Mennen Road. The parking area is on right about 0.1 mile from State Route 32.

The Victory Mills WMA map shows the location of roads, parking areas and other facilities.