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Kinderhook Lake Netting Summary (2009)

The DEC stocked Kinderhook Lake with tiger muskies in 2006 and 2008. As part of an assessment of those stockings and to evaluate the perch population, three gill nets were recently set in Kinderhook Lake. The total catch from the nets consisted of 567 fish, of which 516 were white perch or 91% of the catch. In addition, there were 26 yellow perch, 15 white suckers and 1 black crappie. For predators, there were 3 smallmouth bass and 4 northern pike. While white perch have represented a substantial portion of the fish population in past surveys (dating back to 1954), 91% is the highest percentage ever recorded. The previous survey to use gill nets in Kinderhook Lake occurred in 1984. The 4 gill nets set in Kinderhook Lake on 5/31/84 caught 152 fish with 86 white perch, or 57% of the catch. One hundred seventy-two white perch were caught per net in the latest survey compared to 22 per net in 1984. The most recent gill net catch suggests that the white perch population has become dominant in Kinderhook Lake. These results may also indicate that the sunfish population has likely suffered a substantial decrease, but gill nets used for the assessment of perch and muskies are not specifically designed to catch sunfish and bass. A nighttime electrofishing survey next spring would provide the best evidence as to the extent of any decrease in sunfish and largemouth bass populations.

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