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Stoney Pond

Stoney Pond, located in Madison County in the Town of Nelson, is part of the 1,469 acre Stoney Pond State Forest Area.

Physical Features

Elevation: 1,600 feet
Area: 28 acres
Length: 0.38 miles
Maximum Depth: 12 feet

Plant Life

Most of the shoreline of the pond has significant rooted aquatic vegetation growth.

Public Access Sites

Off Jones Road in the Town of Nelson. Hand launch. Parking for 6 cars. No Gas Powered Motors Allowed.

Fish Species

Largemouth bass, chain pickerel, black crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish, bluegill, and golden shiner.

General Fishing Information

This is one of the first lakes in the area to ice-up, and is a good early ice fishing location for bluegills. Try small jigs tipped with spikes or mousies.

Fisheries Management

Stoney Pond is not stocked and statewide angling regulations apply.