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Jamesville Reservoir

Jamesville Reservoir is located in Onondaga County near the Village of Jamesville. The reservoir was formed by the impounding of a section of Butternut Creek. Like many of the area reservoirs, it was originally constructed to supply water to the Erie Canal. Jamesville Beach County Park borders most of the south west corner of the reservoir.

Physical Features

Elevation: 700 feet
Area: 224 acres
Length: 1.3 miles
Maximum Depth: 35 feet

Plant Life

Limited rooted aquatic vegetation found in the reservoir.

Public Access Sites

One mile south of Jamesville, Off Route 91, adjacent to the Onondaga County Department of Transportation Maintenance Facility. Hand launch with a 100 yard carry to water. Parking for 10 cars.

Jamesville Beach County Park. Carry down and shore access for a day use fee.

General Fishing Information

The main gamefish in the reservoir are largemouth and smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, tiger musky and walleye. White perch, pumpkinseed sunfish, bluegill, black crappie, and yellow perch are also found in the reservoir.

Fisheries Management

Jamesville Reservoir is stocked annually with approximately 1,150 tiger musky and periodically with walleye fingerlings. There are special regulations for walleye on Jamesville Reservoir, so please review the Special Regulations by County section of your fishing guide.

Fish Survey Report (2013)

The Department now manages Jamesville Reservoir walleye with an every-other-year stocking of 6,600 pond fingerlings to sustain this very successful fishery. Night-time boat electrofishing was conducted on October 10, 2013, to assess the current status of the walleye population in the reservoir as well as to attempt to assess the tiger muskellunge population which is also stocked by the Department. The entire perimeter of the lake was sampled. Twenty-five walleye (nine young-of-year) and five tiger muskellunge were collected. The catch rate of walleye was 13.7 fish per hour, a substantial improvement over the 2010 survey at 5.6 fish per hour and 2011 at 4.7 fish per hour. Walleyes ranged in size from 7.1 to 26.3 inches and ranged in age from 0 to 9+ years. All the tiger muskellunge captured were less than 12.5 inches in length indicating they were part of September 2013 Department stocking of 1,700 fish. Jamesville Reservoir's history of consistent survival of stocked walleye clearly indicates that continued management of this species is warranted for the long term. Further evaluation of the success of the tiger musky stocking is necessary, but elimination of the stocking policy must be considered given the consistent lack of larger fish in our survey.