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Lebanon Reservoir

Lebanon Reservoir is a small remote water body located in Madison County near the Village of Hamilton. It is one of the numerous area reservoirs that was built to supply water to the Erie Canal.

Physical Features

Elevation: 1,300 feet
Area: 96 acres
Length: 0.79 miles
Maximum Depth: 45 feet

Plant Life

Lebanon Reservoir has rooted aquatic plant growth around most of the lake shore out to about 15 feet of water. The areas around the boat launch and the northern arm have significant aquatic plant growth.

Public Access Sites

On Reservoir Road, about 4 miles west of the Village of Hamilton. Concrete ramp. Parking for 14 cars and trailers.

Fish Species

Rainbow trout, largemouth bass, walleye, black crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish, bluegill, rock bass, yellow perch, golden shiner, white sucker, and brown bullhead.

General Fishing Information

For the largemouth bass, try fishing spinnerbaits or weed less topwater baits over the vegetation and rubber worms or live minnows along the weed edges. Trout can be caught on worms or minnows fished under bobbers or by trolling with small spoons or spinners. The panfish can be caught on small jigs, minnows or worms fished under a bobber along the shoreline and weed edges. Ice fishing is popular on the lake for panfish and also for rainbow trout. For the panfish try small jigs tipped with spikes or mousies. For rainbow trout try jigging with small spoons like Swedish pimples, or try tip-ups baited with small minnows or egg sacs.


Special fishing regulations apply (leaving DEC website to official Fishing Regulations Guide vendor website).

Fisheries Management

Lebanon Reservoir is stocked each spring by the NYSDEC with approximately 2,000 year-old rainbow trout. The Lebanon Reservoir Lake Association has been stocking walleye fingerlings into the reservoir in an attempt to reduce the number of panfish. The hope is that with fewer panfish the number of aquatic invertebrates that feed on the exotic invasive plant, Eurasian watermilfoil, should increase thus helping to control the watermilfoil in the lake naturally.

Number of Fish Collected by Electrofishing, Gill Net and Fyke Net During 2016 Fisheries Sampling.
Species Electrofishing Gill Net Fyke Net Sum
Rainbow Trout 6 1 0 7
Golden Shiner 3 9 0 12
White Sucker 19 12 0 31
Brown Bullhead 16 0 1 17
Rock Bass 24 0 0 24
Pumpkinseed 44 0 1 45
Bluegill 106 5 9 120
Largemouth Bass 121 0 1 122
Black Crappie 5 2 0 7
Yellow Perch 19 31 0 50
Walleye 6 1 0 7