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Wildlife Photography Tips

Wildlife Photography images and photo tips by DEC photographer Susan Shafer
Watch a clip about wildlife photography and check out other clips on DEC's YouTube Channel.

Take from different angles:

A photo collage showing pictures of ferns taken at different angles

Don't be afraid to photograph in all weather:

A photo collage of a bird flying in the rain, and a cemetary in snow.

Get down on subject level:

A photo montage of a duck and a Red Eft.

Be patient, still and quiet. Wait for the right moment:

A photo collage showing pictures of a deer, a dragonfly, and birds on a birdhouse.

Keep it simple:

A photo collage with pictures showing a dragonfly, a flower, and some deer laying in grass.

Don't center your subject -Use the 'Thirds' rule:

A photo montage with pictures illustrating the thirds rule

Remember to Look up:

A photo montage with pictures of trees taken standing underneath and looking straight up.

Frame your image with foreground:

A photo montage with pictures of a lake and birds in a nest.

Reflections can create a calming/relaxing feel to an image:

A photo montage of various objects reflecting in water.

Use interesting angles to create an image:

A photo montage of a snowy road, a bridge, and a stone wall next to a tree.

Look for even the smallest of things:

A photo montage of insects on flowers, a frog on a tree, and a snake on a leaf.

Always look to see where the light is, try not to shoot directly into the sun:

A photo montage with pictures of a rabbit, flowers, and a forest.

Use fill flash to get rid of shadows:

A photo montage of a girl, and also a dragonfly with and without the use of flash.

Take Horizontals and Vertical images:

A photomontage showing how to take better horizontal and vertical images

Public Wild Centers and Parks are great places to find wildlife:

A photomontage showing how to use Wild Centers and Park to enhance your pictures

Put up bird feeders/houses near your home if looking to photograph birds:

A photomontage of birds suggesting that bird feeders will help you take better pictures