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Alder Lake


Photo of a Brook Trout

Alder Lake is a great location if you are looking for a quiet waterbody with not a lot of other boating activity. This lake is perfect for using a kayak or canoe. Anglers report of catching some nice sized brook trout. Camping is also available.

Physical Features

Elevation: 2,211 feet
Surface Area: 45 acres
Shore Length: 1.3 miles
Max Depth: 22 feet
Mean Depth: 8.9 feet

Special Regulations

Special fishing regulations exist for Alder Lake. Please review your fishing regulations guide for details.


State carry-down off Rte 54, 2.5 miles northeast of Hamlet of Turnwood. Electric Motors Only. Parking for 10 cars.


Popular methods for catching the brook trout in Alder Lake include casting small spoons and inline-spinners. Fly anglers also report of having a lot of success using a variety of flies. Small trout worms are also very productive for catching the trout that wont bite an artificial lure.