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Food Fish & Crustacea Dealers and Shippers

Updated March 7, 2018

Food Fish and Crustacea (FF&C) Dealer and Shipper license holders are required by state regulations to submit reports of all purchases (food fish, crustacea, horseshoe crabs and whelk) from fishing vessels and harvesters landing in New York. Reports must be submitted weekly, by Tuesday of the following week, and a separate report must be submitted for each harvester purchase. If no purchases are made during a given week, a report must still be submitted stating that no purchases were made.

Only direct purchases from fishing vessels and harvesters landing in New York State are required to be reported. Please note the following exceptions to the state's weekly dealer reporting requirement:

  • If you are a licensed dealer and do not purchase seafood products directly from fishing vessels or harvesters (e.g., only purchase from other dealers), you can register as a secondary dealer. Weekly reporting is not required by secondary dealers. However, any direct purchases from fishing vessels or harvesters will still require a report. If the DEC determines that regular direct purchases are made from fishing vessels or harvesters, the dealer will be notified to submit weekly reports.
  • Licensed New York dealers who also hold a federal dealers permit issued by NOAA must satisfy their federal reporting requirements. Once the DEC Marine Commercial Fisheries Unit has been notified that a dealer holds a valid federal dealers permit and is reporting federally, compliance with NOAA reporting requirements will be considered compliance with state reporting requirements. Federally licensed dealers reporting to NOAA Fisheries should not report direct purchases from vessels or harvesters to the state reporting system unless specifically requested to do so.

To help the Department properly assess reporting compliance, all Food Fish and Crustacea Dealers and Shippers license holders must annually complete and return a Reporting Status Form (PDF) (91.25KB). This form completes the annual reporting requirements for secondary dealers and federally licensed dealers who report to NMFS. All other dealers must continue to provide weekly reports.

Effective January 1, 2012, state regulations require dealer reports to be submitted electronically on the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP) reporting system, known as SAFIS. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County has been contracted to assist New York State seafood dealers with meeting this requirement by providing training and technical support, including helping dealers set up their initial user accounts. If you need assistance entering dealer reports or enrolling in the ACCSP reporting system, please contact Cornell Marine staff at 631-727-7850, extension 305.

If you already have a user ID and password, a link to the ACCSP data entry login page is provided in the right column of this page.

More information about New York State dealer reporting requirements can be found in Part 40.1(c) of 6 NYCRR (link leaves DEC website). If you have additional questions or comments about dealer reporting requirements, please contact the DEC Marine Commercial Fisheries Unit at 631-444-5621 or 631-444-5636.