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Point Peninsula

Wildlife Management Area Overview

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Summer field at Point Peninsula WMAThis 1,045-acre WMA is located on Lake Ontario in Jefferson County on the western edge of Point Peninsula, 8.5 miles southwest of the village of Three Mile Bay. It is divided by Beach, South Shore and Pine Woods roads. The Point Peninsula WMA is a natural wetland complex consisting of sand beach, dune, emergent marsh, grassland and wooded shrub swamp. The WMA is predominantly wetlands, with mix of grasslands and wetlands on the property's eastern edge.

Late summer mowing is conducted every or every other year to prevent grassland succession to brushland or young forest. Shallow soils afford the grass species relatively slow growth. Mowing is conducted by cooperative agreements with the DEC and private landowners to prevent grassland succession to brushland or young forest. The upland area is predominantly old farm fields and hay fields. The DEC, in partnership with Ducks Unlimited, is constructing two new wetland complexes on the WMA.

The WMA is home to many species of small game, white-tailed deer and multiple species of grassland nesting birds. Point Peninsula is located in a bird migration corridor and provides important stopover and feeding habitats for a wide diversity of migratory bird species. In addition, Point Peninsula may be one of the most critical wintering areas in the Northeastern U.S. for arctic-breeding raptors, including the short-eared owl, rough-legged hawk, snowy owl, northern shrike and the northern harrier. The marsh and western shoreline of the WMA supports a breeding population of black terns, as well as substantial populations of breeding and migrating waterfowl.

What to do at Point Peninsula WMA

Public use of the Point Peninsula WMA includes hunting, trapping, wildlife observation and bird watching. Hunting and trapping occurs during open statewide seasons and hunting hours. The area is popular for deer hunting. No permits are required to use the WMA.

Restricted Activities

General restrictions for WMA's can be found in Title 6. NYCRR. Part 51. Section 51.1 through 51.6. The use of all terrain vehicles is prohibited on the WMA by posted notice.

For more information, contact:
Regional Wildlife Manager, Region 6
NYS Dept. Of Environmental Conservation
317 Washington St.
Watertown, NY 13601

Facilities and Attractions at Point Peninsula WMA
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Upland Nature Trails*
Wetland Hiking Trails*
Birdwatching Accessible features for people with disabilities
X-Country Skiing Boat Access
Snowshoeing Viewing Tower
Hunting Scenic Vistas
Fishing Picnic Areas
Trapping Restrooms
Endangered Species Camping
Parking Lot
Unusual Plants

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