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Wilson Hill WMA Wetland Regulations

Summary of the 2014-2015 Wetland Restricted Area Regulations

Most of Wilson Hill WMA is classified as "WETLANDS RESTRICTED AREA" or "REFUGE." The only exception is an area designated and posted as "Public Hunting and Fishing" grounds off Route 37 near Coles Creek.

Rules and regulations It is the responsibility of the permittee to know and abide by all regulations. Rules and regulations are available at the permit station, the DEC website and the Bureau of Wildlife offices in Potsdam (315) 265-3090 and Watertown (315) 785-2263 during normal business hours.

Specific Regulations for the 2014 fall hunting season: Waterfowl, small game, trapping, and big game hunting in the WETLANDS RESTRICTED AREA is by permit only. Hunters must register daily at the permit station. If the permit station is closed by posted notice, hunters must sign in at the registration box located outside of the permit station* or at the registration box located at the west end of the area, just off from SH 37 (Sand Rd entrance).

  1. Hunters must submit their game for examination before leaving the wetlands restricted area when the permit station is open, OR sign out when the permit station is closed and the area is on self-registration.
  2. September goose season The WMA will open for hunting on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Hunting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise to 12:00 noon. Hunters must leave the area by 2:00 PM. zone A will be closed during early goose season.
  3. Northeastern zone waterfowl hunting season The WMA will be open for waterfowl hunting by permit on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Waterfowl hunting hours during the Northeastern waterfowl season are from one-half hour before sunrise until 12:00 noon. On opening weekend only, hunters may begin entering the area no earlier than one (1) hour before legal hunting hours. Waterfowl hunters must leave the area each day of the Northeastern Zone Season by 2:00 PM.
  4. Small game hunting The WMA will be open for small game hunting, beginning on October 1. Small game hunting is allowed on the area Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Small game hunting hours are from sunrise to sunset. Hunters must leave the area by one (1) hour after sunset.
  5. Archery hunters The WMA is open for archery hunting each day of any Northern Zone bow, muzzleloader, or regular deer season. Archers must leave the area by one hour after sunset. Rifle and muzzleloader hunting is not permitted. Crossbows may be used during the appropriate Northern Zone deer hunting seasons.

Trapping permits are available for both the spring and fall seasons by contacting the Bureau of Wildlife at the Watertown office at (315) 785-2263.

Construction projects may be underway at Wilson Hill WMA to improve habitat and/or access. Please stay clear of any construction activity.

Please report any suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement agencies:
If you have an emergency where an Environmental Conservation Police Officer is needed, call the Department's Public Protection Dispatch Center at 1-877-457-5680. For all other emergencies, please call 911.

For general information about Wilson Hill WMA or NYSDEC activities to conserve and manage wildlife, fisheries, and their
habitats along the St. Lawrence River please contact:
Michael Morgan, Project Manager
NYSDEC - St. Lawrence Habitat Project
1003 County Route 39, Chase Mills, NY 13621
(315) 705-5539 or michael.morgan@dec.ny.gov

This summary of regulations and opportunities are current for fall and winter 2012, but are subject to change as a result of ongoing construction and management activities. Up-to-date regulations are available on the NYSDEC website, and as per regulations in Title 6 NYCRR Part 54, Amended Regulations to Wilson Hill Wildlife Management Area will be posted at the check station and alternate sign in locations.