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Regulations for Body-grip Traps Set on Land

Trail set trapBody-gripping traps set on land shall not be within 100 feet of a public trail except on Wildlife Management Areas.

A body-gripping trap measuring less than 5 1/2 inches may be set in any manner with or without the use of bait.

Body-gripping traps measuring 5 1/2 inches to 6 inches, set without the use of bait, must be set so that no part of the trap is 8 inches or more above the ground.

Body-gripping traps 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches set with the use of bait, lure, or other attractants may only be used as follows:

  • Four or more feet off the ground.
    Leaning pole trap set

    Bucket cubby trap set

  • Box cubby trap set side viewIn a container of the following design:
    • opening height 6 inches or less
    • 8 inch minimum spring notches
    • trap recessed minimum of 4 inches
  • Box cubby trap set angled-viewIn a container of the following design:
    • trap recessed 18 inches
    • opening height and width 10 inches or less
  • Vertical cubby trap setIn a container of the following design:
    • only one entrance, facing the ground
    • container set so entrance is no more than 6 inches from ground
    • trap recessed minimum of 4 inches


  • You may also build an enclosure of natural materials (e.g., logs or rocks). The opening height must be 6 inches or less and the trap must be recessed a minimum of 8 inches.
  • After December 10th in the Northern Zone, body-gripping traps set on land may not be set with bait or lure.