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Ice Fishing in Cortland County

Popular Ice Fishing Waters in Cortland County
Water Townships Species Regulations Comments Contour Map
Casterline Pond Homer Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Panfish Special Regulations 9 acres; public access site Yes
Goodale Lake Preble Pickerel, Panfish Special Regulations 45 acres; shallow, weedy lake No
Little York Lake Preble, Homer Pickerel, Panfish, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout Special Regulations 150 acres; deep lake providing a diverse fishery Yes
Papish Pond Cincinnatus Pickerel, Panfish Statewide Regulations 19 acres; shallow, weedy lake; public access site No
Tri-County Pond Harford, Caroline Rainbow Trout, Panfish Special Regulations 1.7 acres; semi-remote pond; located at the intersection of Cortland, Tioga and Tompkins County lines No
Skaneateles Lake Scott Pickerel, Panfish, Landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout Finger Lakes Regulations 8,960 acres; ice fishing at the north and south ends Yes
Tully Lake Preble Pickerel, Panfish

Special Regulations

230 acres; shallow, weedy lake Yes
Ice Fishing Special Regulations for Cortland County
Water Species Season Length Daily Limit Method
Casterline Pond, Goodale Lake, Little York Lake, Tri-County Pond Trout All Year Any Size 5-with no more than 2 longer than 12" Ice Fishing Permitted
Tully Lake Walleye 1st Sat In May-March 15 18" 3 Ice Fishing Permitted

Lake Contour Maps for Cortland County