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Ice Fishing in Madison County

Popular Ice Fishing Waters in Madison County
Water Townships Species Regulations Comments Contour Map
Cazenovia Lake Cazenovia Panfish, Pickerel Special Regulations 1,164 acres, access at McNitt State Park or at DOT parking area on Rte 20. Yes
DeRuyter Reservoir DeRuyter Panfish, Pickerel, Walleye Special Regulations 576 acres, excellent pickerel fishing. Yes
Eaton Brook Reservoir Nelson Panfish, Pickerel, Rainbow Trout Special Regulations 254 acres, public access site. Yes
Tuscarora Lake Nelson Panfish, Pickerel, Walleye Statewide 303 acres, also called Erieville Reservoir. Yes
Lebanon Reservoir Lebanon Panfish, Rainbow Trout Special Regulations 113 acres, public access site. Yes
Leland Ponds Eaton Panfish, Pickerel, Brown Trout Special Regulations 97 acres, public access site. Yes
Lake Moraine Madison Panfish, Pickerel, Walleye Statewide 235 acres, excellent pickerel fishing, public access site. Also called Madison Reservoir. Yes
Oneida Lake Lenox, Sullivan Panfish, Walleye, Pickerel Special Regulations 51,000 acres, excellent walleye and perch fishing. Yes
Stoney Pond Nelson Panfish Statewide 37 acres, located on State Forest land near Eaton Brook Reservoir. Yes

For more information on ice fishing please view Chapter 9 in the IFISHNY Beginners Guide to Freshwater Fishing.

Lake Contour Maps for Madison County