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Lake Champlain Angler Diary Programs

Do you fish Lake Champlain for smelt or trout and salmon? Would you be interested in participating in an angler diary program for Lake Champlain? All you need to do is keep a record of your fishing trips on Lake Champlain in a diary we provide. It's easy.

There are two separate diary programs; one for smelt fishermen and one for trout and salmon anglers. You may join either or both programs. The diary programs are limited to Lake Champlain (NY and VT waters) and its tributaries upstream to the first barrier impassable to fish. We ask you to record general information such as the date, how long you fished, and what you were fishing for. In addition we look for information about your catch (if any); for trout/salmon anglers the number, lengths and kinds of fish you catch, and for smelt anglers the total weight of your day's catch. The diaries provide information on the lake's fish population and how we may be able to improve the fishing.

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Interested? To sign up, click on the link under "Important Links" in the right hand column of this page to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF form. Please mail the completed form back to us at the address on the form. You may be able to fill out the form on your computer, but it can not be submitted electronically.

For further information contact:

Region 5 Fisheries
Ray Brook, NY 12977
phone: 518-897-1333

Or email us - Please include "LC Diary" in subject line

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