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Centennial Recreational Trails

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This system was incorporated as part of the five year management plan for the Independence River Wild Forest Unit of Forest Preserve lands. It's construction was begun in 1985 by the Black River Chapter of the Adirondack Mt. Club, as their contribution to the Forest Preserve Centennial celebration. Work was completed by club volunteers in 1986, opening a scenic and challenging trail for public use.

Centennial Scoot - 3.25 miles

This trail is the major through trail connecting the two parking lots and is just 3.25 miles in length. Leading out of the Steam Mill trail-head, the trail is gently rolling through mixed hardwood and coniferous forest. At approximately one mile out, the trail intersects part of the old historic Glenfield and Western railroad system, turning sharply to the east. Hikers during the summer months occasionally find old track spikes, pulled and discarded when the logging railroad was torn out. The trail shortly turns northerly, at its intersection with the Bear Ridge trail at mile 1.57 and then easterly, soon intersecting a high bank overlooking Lake Brantingham inlet stream. At mile 2.7 it intersects the northerly end of the Bear Ridge trail. At this point the skier may choose to follow the Bear Ridge trail back to the Steam Mill Road, essentially a novice trip with no significant down hill runs, or continue to the north to the Partridgeville Road which requires caution as the trail comes down a steep ridge. Take your skis off and walk if you have doubts. The rest of the northerly trail follows the edge of an open beaver meadow, crosses an old beaver dam/man made impoundment, and then crosses two small bridges and streams. The final stretch crosses a small pocket of swamp and has some brief but easy up and down-hill spurts before intersecting the town road.

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Bear Ridge Trail - 1.6 miles

Entering from the Partridgeville Road the Bear Ridge trail begins at a hill top at mile 0.5. It has a brief down hill run before crossing a bridge and then climbing a steep hill to the top of a knife like gravel ridge (esker). It then follows this ridge southerly providing views into spruce-fir swamps on either side. You may see balsam fir trees here where bears have gouged out large chunks of bark and wood to identify their "territory". At mile 1.2 the trail intersects with the old original Steam Mill foot trail and returns sharply to the west. The trail is quite gentle for the next 0.95 mile where it intersects the Centennial Scoot. Reverse your direction on this trail and intermediate skiers can enjoy two challenging down hill runs before coming back to the Partridgeville Road.

Access and Parking

Centennial Ski Trail Sign

The Centennial Ski Trail system is located approximately 48 miles north of Utica and approximately 7 miles east of Route 12. Take NYS Route 12 to the Burdicks Crossing Road, take a right hand turn between Lyons Falls and Glenfield. Go across the Black River and turn left onto the Greig Road. In Greig turn right onto the Brantingham Road and travel to Brantingham. One parking area is currently established on the Steam Mill Road east of Brantingham Lake and is usually not plowed beyond the end of the town road just before entering state land. The second parking area is from the Partridgeville Road, directly across from the intersection of the 10 Mile Crossing Road.

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