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Schroon Lake/ Northern Lake George Area Boat Launches

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The following designations are used to indicate the agency that operates a particular boat launch site. Boaters should expect to pay a day use fee for launches within a DEC Campground during the camping season.

  • (D) - DEC
  • (P) - Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
  • (C) - Canal Corporation

    The following definitions will assist you in determining if a particular site will accommodate your boat:

  • Hard surface or concrete ramp--site affords float-off and float-on launching for most trailered boats.
  • Beach launch--no float-off or float-on trailered boat capability. Sites will accommodate the approach to the water's edge of small and light trailered boats. Boat may then be pushed on or off trailer. Usually shallow areas.
  • Hand launch--no trailer capacity. Boats must be hand carried to the water.

    Note: Boaters and Anglers, please remember that you can help prevent the spread of unwanted aquatic plant and animal species by following these guidelines:

  • Remove all mud and aquatic plants from all gear, boats, motors and trailers before departing from your fishing location
  • Drain all water including bilges, live wells, and bait tanks before departing from your fishing location
  • Do not transport fish from one body of water to another
  • Do not release unused bait into a body of water
  • Do not dispose of fish carcasses or by-products in any body of water
Universal symbol of accessible site

Accessible Features: The Lake George - Mossy Point, Lake George - Rogers Rock, Brant Lake and Schroon Lake - Horicon boat launches are wheelchair accessible. See below for directions.

Full listing of DECs Accessible Recreation Destinations.

Schroon Lake Area Boat Launches
  • Brant Lake : (D) - Warren County, on Route 8. One mile northeast of the Hamlet of Brant Lake. Parking for 11 cars and trailers. Hard surface launch ramp.
  • Eagle Lake : (D) - Essex County, on Route 74, 1 mile west of the Hamlet of Eagle Lake. Beach launching. Parking for 6 cars and trailers.
  • Lake George - Mossy Point : (D) - Essex County, Mossy Point. On Black Point Road, two miles south of the Village of Ticonderoga on east shore of Lake George. Accessible, hard surface launching ramp. Parking for 100 cars and trailers. Pump out.
  • Lake George - Rogers Rock : (D) - Warren County, Campground. On Route 9N, 3 miles north of the Hamlet of Hague. Concrete ramp. Parking for 24 cars and trailers.
  • Lake George - NW Bay Brook : (D) - Warren County, Northwest Bay Brook. On Route 9N, 4 miles north of the Village of Bolton Landing. Hand launching. Parking for 15 cars.
  • Paradox Lake : (D) - Essex County, Campground. On Route 74, 2 miles east of the Hamlet of Severence. Parking for 25 cars and trailers. Hard ramp.
  • Putnam Pond : (D) - Essex County, Campground. Off Route 74, 6 miles west of the Village of Ticonderoga. Parking for 10 cars and trailers. Hard ramp.
  • Schroon Lake - Eagle Point : (D) - Warren County, Campground. On Route 9, 2 miles north of the Hamlet of Pottersville. Parking for 4 cars. Hand launching.
  • Schroon Lake - Horicon : (D) - Warren County, Horicon. Off Route 9 just north of the Hamlet of Pottersville on County Road 62. Accessible hard surface launching ramp. Parking for 49 cars and trailers.
  • Schroon Lake - Town of Schroon : (D) - Essex County. On Dock Street in the Village of Schroon Lake. Hard surface launching ramp. Parking for 15 cars and trailers.