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Warren County Ice Fishing

The table below lists the lakes and ponds in Warren County that are open to ice fishing. Please note that some waters are privately owned and it is the angler's responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions before fishing these waters.

Ice Fishing Seasons:

  • November 15 - April 30 - for those species in the General Angling Regulations for which there is no closed season or no minimum length.
  • November 15 - March 15 - for northern pike, pickerel, tiger muskellunge and walleye.

Three (3) hand lines and five (5) tip-ups may be used, except if noted in the Warren County Special Fishing Regulations. All tip-ups must be marked with the name and address of the operator; the operator must be present when lines (either tip-ups or hand lines) are in the water. Ice shanties must be marked on the outside with the owner's name and address in letters at least three inches high. Shanties must be removed from all waters by March 15.

Note: Special regulations apply to waters with links.

Warren County Waters With Ice Fishing
Water Town Ownership Species Regulations
Andrew Pond Chester Public/Private C.Pkl, YP Statewide Fishing Regulations apply
Bear Pond Queensbury Private C.Pkl, YP
Beaver Pond Horicon Public/Private Pks, YP
Bird Pond Chester Private YP
Brant Lake Horicon Public/Private Pks, Bgs, YP, BT, C.Pkl, RT Special Fishing Regulations apply
Brant Lake Mill Pond Horicon Public Pks, Bgs, YP, BT, C.Pkl, RT
Brindle Pond Horicon Public Unknown Statewide Fishing Regulations apply
Burnt Pond Horicon Private YP, Pks, NP
Carter Pond Chester Private Pks
Cod Pond Thurman Public C.Pkl
Cunningham Pond Chester Public/Private Unknown
Dippikill Pond Thurman Private BC, Pks
Echo Lake Warrensburg Public/Private YP
Edgecomb Pond (Town of Bolton water supply) Bolton Public YP
Eli Pond Chester Public/Private YP
Faxon's Pond Chester Private NP
Fish Pond, Lower Johnsburg Public C.Pkl
Forest Lake Warrensburg Private Pks
Fourth Lake Luzerne Public C.Pkl, YP, Bgs, Pks, NP
Friends Lake Chester Private NP, Pks, Bgs, YP, WAE
Garnet Lake Thurman Public/Private C.Pkl, YP, Pks
Glen Lake Queensbury Private YP, Pks, C.Pkl, WAE
Special Fishing Regulations apply
Harrisburg Lake Stony Creek Public/Private Pks, C.Pkl Statewide Fishing Regulations apply
Hudson River Chester/Johnsburg Public LMB, SMB, NP Special Fishing Regulations apply
Kelm Pond Warrensburg Private Pks Statewide Fishing Regulations apply
Lake George Hague/ Bolton/ Lake George/ Queensbury Public/Private LT, LLS, RT, BT, NP, C.Pkl, BC, YP Special Fishing Regulations apply
Lake Luzerne Luzerne Public/Private YP, Pks, C.Pkl, RT, NP
Little Pond Thurman Private Pks Statewide Fishing Regulations apply
Loon Lake Chester Public/Private Pks, YP, NP
Mud Pond Thurman Private NP, YP, Pks
North Pond Hague Private C.Pkl
Number Nine Pond Thurman Private C.Pkl, YP, Pks
Round Pond Thurman Public NP, YP, Pks, C.Pkl
Rush Pond Queensbury Private YP, Pks, C.Pkl
Schroon Lake Horicon Public/Private LT, LLS, NP, C.Pkl, YP, Pks, S Special Fishing Regulations apply
Sherman Pond Horicon/Bolton Private Pks, YP, Bgs, NP Statewide Fishing Regulations apply
Smith Pond Horicon Private YP, C.Pkl, Pks, NP
Sunnyside Pond Queensbury Private YP, Pks, WAE, NP
Swede Pond Hague Private C.Pkl, YP, Pks
Trout Lake Bolton Public/Private C.Pkl, Pks, YP, RT Special Fishing Regulations apply
Valentine Pond Horicon Private Pks, YP, C.Pkl Statewide Fishing Regulations apply
Warner Pond (Echo Lake) Chester Private YP, Pks

Fish Species Key

  • BC - Black crappie
  • Bgs - Bluegill
  • BT - Brown trout
  • C.Pkl - Chain pickerel
  • LLS - Landlocked salmon
  • LMB - Largemouth bass
  • LT - Lake trout
  • NP - Northern pike
  • Pks - Pumpkinseed
  • RB - Rock bass
  • RT - Rainbow trout
  • S - Smelt
  • SMB - Smallmouth bass
  • Spk - Splake
  • T.Musky - Tiger muskellunge
  • WAE - Walleye
  • YP - Yellow perch

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