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Herkimer County Special Fishing Regulations

  • This is a list of exceptions to the General Angling Regulations of New York's Freshwater Fishing Regulations.
  • Trout waters where ice fishing is permitted are identified here.
  • Where regulations appear in the Method column they pertain to all fishing in the listed water.
Special Fishing Regulations for Waters in Herkimer County
Water Species Open Season Minimum Length Daily Limit Method
All waters except as listed below Trout April 1 - Oct 15 Any size 5 - with no more than 2 longer than 12"
All baitfish-prohibited waters (as listed beneath this table) except as listed below
Statewide angling regulations apply
First, Second, Third, and Fourth Lakes of Fulton Chain, Old Forge Pond Trout All year 9" 5 Ice fishing permitted
Lake trout All year 21" 3
Landlocked salmon All year 15" 3
Limekiln Lake Trout All year Any size 5 Ice fishing permitted
Horn Lake, Evergreen Lake, Hidden Lake, Peaked Mountain Lake Trout April 1- Oct 15 Any size 3 Artificial lures only

Moose River, Middle and South Branch of Moose River downstream of Moose River Plains Recreation Area, West Canada Creek from mouth upstream to Comstock Bridge

Trout April 1-Nov 30 Any size 5 - with no more than 2 longer than 12"
West Canada Creek from Trenton Falls Dam downstream to the first bridge (Comstock Bridge) below the mouth of Cincinnati Creek Trout All year Catch and Release only Artificial lures only
Stillwater Reservoir, Beardsley Lake, Kyser Lake, Hinckley Reservoir, Prospect Reservoir, North Lake Trout All year 12" 3 Ice fishing permitted
Forestport Reservoir, Kayuta Lake, and Moshier Reservoir Statewide Angling Regulations Apply Ice fishing permitted

Baitfish-prohibited waters

In addition, the use or possession of baitfish is prohibited in the following waters:

  • All ponds and streams in the Five Ponds Wilderness, He-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness, Pepperbox Wilderness, Pigeon Lake Wilderness and the West Canada Lake Wilderness, also:
  • Town of Webb-Bear Lake, Bubb Lake, Brewer Lake, Buck Lake (1/2 mile north of Hog Pond), Buck Pond (one mile west of Thirsty Pond), Clear Pond, Moss Lake, Nicks Lake, Big Otter Lake, Quiver Pond, Razorback Pond, Sis Lake, Tied Lake, Twitchell Lake, West Pond (0.6 mile southwest of Big Moose Lake), Wheeler Pond, Woods Lake.