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Honeoye Creek

Wildlife Management Area

Honeoye Creek WMA Region 8 Map

Honeoye Creek Wildlife Management Area Map (PDF, 2MB) || Google Earth || State Lands Interactive Mapper

History and Features:

Located north of the hamlet of Honeoye in Ontario County, this 717 acre Wildlife Management Area was Purchased in 1988 with funds from the 1986 Environmental Quality Bond Act. The area consists of agricultural fields, brush lots, woodlands and swamps that provide a varied habitat fro many species of wildlife.

Management of the area emphasizes habitat conservation for wildlife, compatible public use and enjoyment of the area's attributes, and serves as an educational demonstration area for land management techniques.

Honeoye Creek Facility Information
Activity Availability
Upland No
Wetland Yes
Hiking Trails* Yes
Nature Trails* No
Boat Access No
Parking Lot Yes
Viewing Tower No
Scenic Vistas No
Picnic Areas No
Restrooms No
Birdwatching Yes
Camping No
X-Country Skiing Yes
Snowshoeing Yes
Hunting Yes
Fishing Yes
Trapping Yes
Endangered Species No
Unusual Plants No

* A nature trail can be used as a hiking trail, a hiking trail differs from a nature trails in that a nature trail usually has printed information along the trails and often has a brochure