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Alma Pond


Thumbnail view of Alma Pond contour map

Alma Pond is a 86-acre artificial impoundment located on the headwaters of Honeoye Creek in southcentral Allegany County. A permanent earthen dike was built near the site of a beaver dam and existing pond, probably in the 1940s. Sometime later a concrete spillway was added to control the water level.

DEC owns approximately 3000 feet of shoreline on the north side of the pond. This entire section can be used for shore fishing, and there is a hand launch boat access site for small boats or canoes. The Alma Pond Rod and Gun Club owns the dike and the spillway. There is an unimproved launch on the dike for small, trailered boats. However, the public should not launch here without permission from the Rod and Gun Club.

Alma Pond has a maximum depth of 8 feet and an average depth of only 3.5 feet. By increasing the size of an original beaver pond, one can imagine that the pond covers many old stumps and logs - perfect for snagging anglers' lines but also perfect habitat for largemouth bass and crappie.

Alma Pond is not only used by fishermen, but many people use the pond for canoeing, birdwatching, etc. It is quite an aesthetic area, and one may see an eagle, osprey, heron, beaver, turtle, black bear, or river otter. The summer fishery consists of largemouth bass and assorted panfish, while ice fishing targets mostly assorted panfish with an occasional northern pike being caught. There are also numerous carp and suckers in the pond.

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass are common in Alma Pond. Fish of all sizes are present indicating a balanced population. Bass up to 20 inches and 5 pounds are taken annually. Despite being a very shallow pond, aquatic vegetation is lacking due to the lack of transparency of the water generally caused by algae blooms and turbidity due to the feeding activity of the bullhead and carp. Surface plugs, crank baits and live bait offer the best chance for success.


Panfish include black crappie, bluegill, pumpkinseed and yellow perch. Live baits, such as worms and minnows, work the best. These fish tend to have average to slow growth rates as they are generally sight feeders and feeding is hampered by both the turbidity of the pond as well as low fertility. However, large black crappie (18 inches) are occasionally taken.

Carp and bullhead

Carp and brown bullhead are abundant in Alma Pond. Both are easy to catch as they rely on smell and taste to find their food. Live bait such as worms work for both, while carp also can be taken with corn or doughballs.

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