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West Cameron

Wildlife Management Area

West Cameron WMA Region 8 Map

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History and Features

The West Cameron Wildlife Management Area is located in the Town of Cameron in Steuben County, two miles northwest of the Village of Cameron. These lands are administered by the New York State department of Environmental Conservation's Division of Fish and Wildlife to provide habitat for native wildlife and to provide for compatible human recreational opportunities for visitors to the area.

The area consists of 165 acres of wooded land that provides habitat for a variety of woodland creatures. Deer, turkeys, Black bears, squirrels, and a host of songbirds frequent the area. Access to the Wildlife Management Area is from Angel Road, which runs between County Road 119 and Swale Road. Close by, 3,000 acres of state forest land near Cameron is also available for your enjoyment.

Permitted public uses include hiking, birding, wildlife observation, nature study, hunting, trapping, photography, and other day-use activities. Camping, off-road vehicles, placement of permanent blinds, removal of vegetation, and littering are prohibited. Please respect these lands and the rights of neighbors and other users while visiting this area.

West Cameron Facility Information
Activity Availability
Upland Yes
Wetland No
Hiking Trails* No
Nature Trails* No
Boat Access No
Parking Lot No
Viewing Tower No
Scenic Vistas Yes
Picnic Areas No
Restrooms No
Birdwatching No
Camping No
X-Country Skiing No
Snowshoeing No
Hunting Yes
Fishing No
Trapping Yes
Endangered Species No
Unusual Plants No

* A nature trail can be used as a hiking trail, a hiking trail differs from a nature trails in that a nature trail usually has printed information along the trails and often has a brochure