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Rattlesnake Hill

Wildlife Management Area

Rattlesnake Hill WMA Region 8 Map

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History and Features:

The Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area is a 5,100 acre upland tract, situated approximately eight miles west of Dansville, New York. Roughly two-thirds of the area lies in southern Livingston County, while the remaining third lies in northern Allegany County. The tract was purchased in the 1930's under the Federal Resettlement Administration and is one of several such areas turned over to DEC for development as a wildlife management area.

The area is appropriately named after the Timber Rattlesnake, which may be occasionally found in the more remote sections of the "Hill".

The area offers an interesting blend of upland habitats such as mature woodland, overgrown fields, conifer plantations, old growth apple orchards and open meadows.

The area is inhabited by a variety of game species and is open to public hunting. The white-tailed deer, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, grey squirrel, cottontail rabbit and woodcock are found on the area. An occasional snowshoe hare may be observed adjacent to thick creek bottom brush or conifer plantation habitats.

A number of small marsh units have been developed and provide limited hunting for waterfowl. Some of the area's furbearing species such as mink, beaver and raccoon may be occasionally viewed at these marsh units.

Several of the deeper water impoundments are stocked annually with trout, while those portions of Sugar Greek, Hovey Brook and Canaseraga Creek which are on or adjacent to the management area are known trout waters.

Several small campsites are available for use by organized educational groups by special permit.

Barricaded access roads are closed to unauthorized mechanical vehicles and are available as foot trails throughout the area.

Additional uses of the area besides hunting and fishing include trapping, hiking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, nature study, horseback riding and picnicking.

State Forest Lands:

Situated adjacent to Rattlesnake Hill WMA on the southeast are two parcels of state forest lands totaling approximately 2,600 acres. The two areas are similar to Rattlesnake Hill in habitat types with the exception of having fewer natural and maintained openings. These areas are also open to public hunting and the same species of upland game are apt to be found.

Rattlesnake Hill Facility Information
Activity Availability
Upland Yes
Wetland Yes
Hiking Trails* Yes
Nature Trails* No
Boat Access No
Parking Lot Yes
Viewing Tower No
Scenic Vistas No
Picnic Areas No
Restrooms Yes
Birdwatching Yes
Camping Yes
X-Country Skiing Yes
Snowshoeing Yes
Hunting Yes
Fishing Yes
Trapping Yes
Endangered Species Yes
Unusual Plants Yes

* A nature trail can be used as a hiking trail, a hiking trail differs from a nature trails in that a nature trail usually has printed information along the trails and often has a brochure