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Cayuga Lake

Wildlife Management Area

History and Features:

The Cayuga Lake Wildlife Management Area is located at the north end of the Cayuga Lake in Seneca County, and is comprised of 225 acres of cattail marsh and wooded swamps. Approximately 138 acres of which are owned by the Department of Transportation and managed by DEC under a temporary permit. The area is managed for public hunting, fishing and trapping and wildlife related recreational use. Access to the area is from Demont Road off N.Y. 89 or by boat from the public launch site at the Cayuga Lake State Park two miles to the south.

The Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge lies to the north of this area, and together these lands provide an excellent place to go to enjoy wildlife and the out-of-doors.

Prohibited public use activities include removal or destruction of vegetation, use of off-the-road vehicles, overnight mooring of boats, camping, littering and swimming. Please respect the rights of others in using this area.