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Knapps Lake, Islip

Fishing Information

Knapps Lake is a small pond located in Islip. It is quite shallow and in the summer it becomes thickly covered with aquatic plants. The predominant fish species are common carp, largemouth bass and sunfish. The fish tend to be small. While large bass have been caught at Knapps Lake, they are not common. Few exceed 12 inches.

Knapps Lake provides some fishing opportunity to the immediate neighborhood, but it probably does not merit a long trip.

Physical Features:

Area: 30 acres
Maximum depth: 3 feet

Species Present (naturally reproducing):

Largemouth Bass

Fishing Regulations:

Suffolk County special fishing regulations exist.

Public Access:

Town of Islip, Brookwood Hall Town Park

Directions: Knapps Lake lies just south of Union Avenue and just north of Montauk Highway (Route 27A) in Islip.

Restrictions: Boats are prohibited, and shoreline access is limited.

Health Advisories:

No specific advisory.