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Boat Launch Sites for Steuben County

DEC manages over 395 boating and fishing access facilities. We do our best to keep these sites clean and safe, but if you see something that is out of order or have a question or concern about a particular site, send a message to

Note: Use the following definitions to help you determine if a particular site will accommodate your boat.

  • Hard surface or concrete ramp--site affords float-off and float-on launching for most trailered boats.
  • Beach launch--no float-off or float-on trailered boat capability. Sites will accommodate the approach to the water's edge of small and light trailered boats. Boat may then be pushed on or off trailer. Usually shallow areas.
  • Hand launch--no trailer capacity. Boats must be hand carried to the water.
  • Car top launch--For canoe/kayak launching. Limited parking available.
Steuben County, DEC Region 8
Water Town Location Type Parking Invasive Species Present* Comments Agency
Almond Reservoir Canacadea County Park Off Route 66, 2 miles west of Route 36 Concrete ramp 20 cars and trailers Eurasian Watermilfoil, Curly-leaf Pondweed
Chemung River Corning At the end of Conhocton Street north of Route 352 in City of Corning. Hard surface ramp 5 cars and trailers DEC
Chemung River Off County Route 44, 4 miles east of City of Corning. Hand launch 6 cars DEC
Cohocton River Bath County Route 11, just south of I-86 Hand launch 4 cars Municipality
Cohocton River Campbell Wood Rd bridge, off of County Route 15 Hand launch 5 cars Municipality
Cohocton River Erwin Off Canada Rd, south of State Route 415 Hard Surface 50 cars Municipality
Canisteo River Canisteo Off Dineen Rd, just north of State Route 36 Hand launch 10 cars Municipality
Canisteo River Cameron County Route 110, south of Cameron Mills Hand launch 7 cars Municipality
Canisteo River Rathbone S. Canisteo-Rathbone Rd, off County Route 21 in Rathbone Hard Surface 25 cars Municipality
Canisteo River Addison Off Cleveland Dr, east of Village of Addison Hard surface 25 cars Municipality
Sanford Lake Bath Birdseye Hollow State Forest, off Round Lake Road Beach launch 3 cars Eurasian Watermilfoil, Curly-leaf Pondweed
Electric trolling motors only. DEC
Tioga River Lindley Lindley Drive, .025 miles east of Lindley Hand launch 10 cars DEC
Tioga River Erwin Mullholland Rd, east of State Route 352 Hand launch 6 cars Municipality

*Confirmed invasive species present. Other invasive species may also be present.

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