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Weekly Harvest Programs

Updated April 30, 2019

Scup Weekly Program

Food Fish License Holders Only

Effective Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the scup weekly program is established at 4000 lbs. weekly. This program ends June 15, 2019.

To participate, please send an email to and include the following information:

  • 'Weekly Scup Program' in subject line
  • In the body include: name, address, Food Fish license #, vessel name, regular port of landing (participants may land at any desired port), best contact info - (email & phone), federal permit number (if applicable), and if you report electronically.
  • The statement: 'I, NAME, request participation in the weekly scup pilot program.
  • Upon receipt of the email, participants will be sent an application to fill out, sign and return.
  • In order to participate in the weekly scup program, you MUST complete and submit an application. Applications shall be accepted through May 17, 2019 at 3pm.
  • Once the application is reviewed and approved, a participation letter will be sent to the applicant. This letter must be kept in the participant's possession and available to be presented to Law Enforcement when engaging in a weekly scup trip.

Weekly Program Parameters

The weekly limit of 4,000 lbs., with a maximum of 2 landings per fishing week, is not to be exceeded. For example, a participant might land 2,600 lbs. on Monday and will be permitted to land an additional 1,400 lbs. by the end of Friday.

The fishing week for the scup weekly program is Saturday to Friday.

A vessel or license holder may not possess more than the weekly limit in any one fishing week.

A fishing vessel trip report (VTR) MUST be submitted within 48 hours of landing.

A VTR must be submitted within 12 hours of landing if the vessel is on a broken trip (less than the full 4,000 lbs.) and plan to go out on a second weekly scup trip during the current fishing week.

Participants are permitted to offload scup only during the hours of 6:00AM through 10:00PM.

Once in the Weekly pilot program, participants are not allowed to switch and harvest a daily limit. To opt out of the weekly program participants must email DEC at the above address. Only one opt out/in is allowed for the weekly season.

Participants are NOT required to submit a pre-departure notice but MUST call NYSDEC Law Enforcement Dispatch at least 2 hours prior to arrival at port. Participants must call 631-444-0250 and report "This is NAME, on FISHING VESSEL. I will be landing approximately XXX pounds of weekly scup at PORT, at approximately TIME, DATE".

NYSDEC will be closely monitoring scup landings through ACCSP and will make adjustments to the program in a timely fashion to obtain maximum benefit from available quota, and not to exceed period quota.

Failure to comply with the listed requirements may result in removal of the individual fisherman from the weekly scup program. DEC will only be able to continue the weekly harvest program if there is full compliance and accurate assessments of the scup landings.

Summer Flounder Weekly Program

NYS Summer Flounder Permit Holders Only

Effective Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the summer flounder (fluke) weekly program has ended.

NYSDEC Commercial Quota Management Unit will be closely monitoring fluke landings and will make adjustments to the program in a timely fashion to obtain the maximum benefit from available quota and to not exceed period quota.

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