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Fisheries Technical Briefs

Fisheries Technical Briefs summarize key findings and provide interpretation of DEC fisheries surveys and studies. They are primarily written for technical audiences, but non-technical audiences may also gain a deeper understanding of a fishery by reading the briefs. The Technical Briefs listed here are from recent surveys and studies conducted by Regional Fisheries units. A fisheries dictionary is available to help readers understand the technical information in these reports.

Region 1 (Long Island)

Deep Pond Centrarchid Survey (2017)
New Mill Pond Largemouth Bass Regulation Evaluation (2017)
Upper Yaphank Lake Pre-Dredge and Post-Dredge Evaluation (2017)

Region 2 (New York City)

Baisley Pond Bass and Sunfish Survey (2018)
Clove Lake Survey (2017)
Goose Pond (2018) (PDF)
Harlem Meer Centrarchid Survey (2017)
Meadow Lake Snakehead Monitoring (2017)
Oakland Lake Survey (2017)
Ohrback Lake Survey (2017)
Prospect Park Lake Centrarchid Survey (2017)
Van Cortlandt Lake Survey (2017)
Willow Lake (2018) (PDF)
Willowbrook Lake Centrarchid Survey (2018) (PDF)

Region 3 (Southeast New York)

Lake Kanawauke Centrarchid Survey (2017)
Muscoot Reservoir Gill Net Survey (2018) (PDF)
Rio Reservoir Percid Survey (2017)
Swinging Bridge Percid Survey (2017)
Wickham Lake Centrarchid Survey (2018) (PDF)

Region 4 (East Central New York)

Coldwater Surveys

Basswood Pond Salmonid Netting (2017)
Fall Clove Brook Special Regulations Evaluation (2017) (PDF)
Mallet Pond Salmonid Netting Survey (2017)
Mill Brook Special Regulations Evaluation (2017) (PDF)
Ore Pit Pond Salmonid Netting (2017)
Otsego Lake (SR-404) Survey (2017)
Otsego Lake Salmonid Survey (2018) (PDF)
Terry Clove Brook Special Regulations Evaluation (2017) (PDF)
Tremper Kill Special Regulations Evaluation (2017) (PDF)
Weed Mines Pond Salmonid Netting (2017)

Warmwater Surveys

Canadarago Lake Annual Fall Bass/Walleye Survey (2017)
Crescent Lake (H-240) Black Bass Survey (2018)
Otsego Lake Percid Survey (2018) (PDF)

Region 5 (Northeast New York)

Coldwater Surveys

Bear Pond Brook Trout Survey (2017)
Bennett Lake Brook Trout Survey (2017)
Big Brown Brook Biological Survey (2017)
Black Pond Brook Trout Brood Stock Monitoring (2017)
Boreas Ponds Biological Survey (2017)
Cayadutta Creek Trout Survey (2017) (PDF)
Chubb River Biological Survey (2017)
Cotters Pond Biological Survey (2017)
DeBraine Lake Brook Trout Survey (2017)
Green Pond General Biological Survey (2017) (PDF)
Hatch Pond Biological Survey (2017)
High Rock Pond Brook Trout Survey (2017) (PDF)
Indian Lake Brook Trout Survey (2017) (PDF)
Kitfox Pond General Biological Survey (2017)
Little Black Brook Biological Survey (2017)
Little Green Pond Brook Trout Survey (2017)
Long Pond Brook Trout Egg Take (2017)
Lower Mitchell Pond Brook Trout Survey (2017) (PDF)
Little Long Pond General Biological Survey (2017) (PDF)
Murphy Lake General Biological Survey (2017)
Pettigrew Brook Biological Survey (2017)
Raquette Lake Lake Trout Brood Stock Monitoring (2017) (PDF)
Rock Pond General Biological Survey (2017) (PDF)
Silver Lake Wilderness Trout Power Angling Surveys (2017) (PDF)
Unknown Pond (UH-P658) Brook Trout Survey (2017) (PDF)
Unnamed Stream Biological Survey (2017)
Unnamed Water General Biological Survey (2017)
Upper Spectacle Pond Trout Survey (2017)
West Branch Ausable River Survey (2017) (PDF)
White Lily Pond Biological Survey (2017) (PDF)

Warmwater Surveys

Lake Lauderdale Black Bass Survey (2017)
Lake Lonely General Biological Survey (2017)
Moreau Lake General Biological Survey (2017)
Mud Lake General Biological Survey (2017)

Region 6 (Western Adirondacks/Eastern Lake Ontario)

Coldwater Surveys

Sauquoit Creek Trout Survey (2017) (PDF)

Warmwater Surveys

Bug Lake Round Whitefish Stocking Evaluation (2017)
Butterfield Lake, Bass Management Evaluation (2016) (PDF)
Horseshoe Lake Walleye Management Evaluation (2017) (PDF)
Pleasant Lake Walleye Management Evaluation (2018) (PDF)

Region 7 (Central New York)

Coldwater Surveys

Cayuga Lake lake trout wounding (2018) (PDF)
Chittenango Creek CROTS Survey (2018) (PDF)
North Branch Salmon River CROTS Survey (2018) (PDF)
Skaneateles Lake Finger Lakes standard netting (2017) (PDF)

Warmwater Surveys

Chenango Lake Centrarchid Survey (2018) (PDF)
Canandaigua Lake Standard Lake Trout Netting Survey (2018) (PDF)
DeRuyter Reservoir Centrarchid/General Biological Survey (2018) (PDF)
Duck Lake Centrarchid Survey (2017) (PDF)
Jamesville Reservoir Walleye Survival (2017) (PDF)
Otisco Lake Fall Walleye Assessment Survey (2017) (PDF)
Otisco Lake Gill Netting Survey (2018) (PDF)

Region 8 (Western Finger Lakes)

Coldwater Surveys

Canandaigua Lake Forage Assessment (2018) (PDF)
Catharine Creek and Tributaries Spring Rainbow Trout (2017) (PDF)
Cold Brook Rainbow Trout Production Survey (2017) (PDF)
Cold Brook Rainbow Trout Spawning Migration Assessment (2017) (PDF)
Finger Lakes Spring Rainbow Trout Spawning Run Surveys (2019) (PDF)
Hemlock Lake Forage Assessment (2018) (PDF)
Hemlock Lake Standard Lake Trout Netting Survey (2018)
Seneca and Keuka Lake Experimental Forage Assessment (2017) (PDF)

Warmwater Surveys

Canandaigua Lake Smallmouth Bass Survey (2017)
Waneta and Lamoka Lakes Muskellunge Survey (2013 and 2017)

Region 9 (Western New York)

Coldwater Surveys

Allegheny River Sauger Re-Introduction (2018) (PDF)
Bay State Brook Trout Population Evaluation (2018) (PDF)
Beehunter Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018)
Bova Creek Trout Population Evaluation (2018)
Cattaraugus Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018)
Chenunda Creek Trout Population Evaluation (2018)
Cherry Creek Trout Population Evaluation (2018) (PDF)
Clear Creek (Arcade) Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Clear Creek (Ellington) Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Dyke Creek Trout Population Evaluation (2018)
Elm Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Elton Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Ford Brook Trout Population Evaluation (2018)
Fulmer Valley Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018)
Genesee River Angler Diary Program Results (2017)
Hosmer Brook Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Lime Lake Outlet Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Lonkto Hollow Trout Population Evaluation (2018) (PDF)
Mansfield Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
McKinstry Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Mud (Fenton Brook) Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
North Branch Wiscoy Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Oatka Creek Trout Stocking Experiment (2018) (PDF)
Oatka Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Orebed Creek Trout Population Evaluation (2018) (PDF)
Spring Brook Trout Population Estimate (2018)
Spring (Flynn) Brook Trout Population Evaluation (2018) (PDF)
Spring Mills Creek Trout Population Evaluation (2018) (PDF)
Stoddard Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Stony Brook Trout Population Evaluation (2018) (PDF)
The Ram Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Trout Brook Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)
Wiscoy Creek Trout Population Estimate (2018) (PDF)

Warmwater Surveys

Allegheny River Sauger Re-Introduction (2018) (PDF)
Chautauqua Lake Annual Fall Walleye Survey (2018)
Chautauqua Lake Annual Muskellunge Trap Net Survey (2018)
Chautauqua Lake Young-of year Muskellunge Survey (2018) (PDF)
Silver Lake Centrarchid Survey (2018) (PDF)
Silver Lake Fall Walleye Survey (2018) (PDF)

DEC Hatcheries

Experimental Grading of Washington Steelhead (2018)

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