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2014 Draft Open Space Conservation Plan

The Draft Plan is an update and revision of the 2009 Plan, which includes identification of the types and locations of open space resources and various open space conservation tools and methods. The revised Plan addresses the open space conservation actions on four critical priorities. These priorities are: Promoting Outdoor Recreation; Addressing Climate Change; Ensuring Clean Water, Air and Land for a Healthy Public and Vibrant Economy; and Protecting, Using and Conserving Our Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage.

The revised Plan makes recommendations to our state, federal, and local governments, non-profits, philanthropists, and state citizens on programs and partnerships, education and outreach, policies and regulations, research and funding, many of which have begun to be implemented or will begin to be implemented in the next three years. The Plan continues to list priority conservation projects, publicly identified and reviewed, which are eligible for acquisition under the State Environmental Protection Fund and other state, federal and local sources. Once finalized, the Plan will be presented to the Governor and the Legislature, and following approval by the Governor, the Plan will continue to guide both NYS DEC and NYS OPRHP in their open space conservation programs.

The fundamental purpose of the Plan remains the same: to urge increased protection of our state's significant natural, scenic, recreational, historic and cultural resources. Intrinsic benefits accrue from public decisions to protect resources. Economic benefits anticipate increased property values for adjacent lands, tourism, water quality protection, wildlife habitat protection and enhancement of natural resource based industries. Associated adverse impacts may develop from the use of resources acquired for public access with possible impacts of short-term erosion and sedimentation associated with construction. Potential acquisition of land could increase public use with impacts such as littering, noise, vegetative damage, increased traffic, and trespass to adjoining landowners.

The public comment period is now closed.

2014 Draft Open Space Conservation Plan

2014 Draft Plan (PDF, 4.2 MB)


A: Regional Advisory Committees' Reports (PDF, 1.6 MB)
B: Legislative Mandates (PDF, 120 KB)
C: Project Eligibility & Evaluation Process (PDF, 360 KB)
D: NYS Coastal & Estuarine Land Conservation Program Plan (PDF, 521 KB)
E: Forest Legacy Expansions (PDF, 590 KB)

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