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Management Activities in the Mohawk River

Mohawk River Ice Jam Monitoring

Mohawk River water level height is being monitoring with two stream gages between Locks 7 and 8 and a web camera located between the gages near the Stockade District of Schenectady to better understand the formation of ice jams, changes in river elevation, and to alert the public about changes in the river that may lead to flooding.

This part of the Mohawk River is susceptible to ice jams during periods of river-ice break-up. The ice jams usually form at bridges, lock and dam structures, and areas without floodplains. Water can build up behind the ice jams and cause flooding when the jam fails.

Real-time River Ice Conditions and Web Cam

Visit the United States Geological Survey (USGS) website dedicated to monitoring ice jam related conditions in the Mohawk River. The link is the right column under "Links Leaving DEC's Website".

USGS scientists installed the water level gages and camera and are actively monitoring the conditions in this stretch of the Mohawk River. This project was made possible through cooperation with DEC's Mohawk River Basin Program, New York State Power Authority, Brookfield Renewable Power, and Union College.

This project advances the Mohawk River Basin Program in reaching its goal of promoting flood hazard risk reduction and enhancing flood resiliency by providing the tools to ensure that communities are prepared for climate change and important cultural, recreational, economic and environmental assets are protected.