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Additional Topics and Resources for Forest Owners

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This page contains information on important private forestry issues, topics, news.

Timber Theft on Private Lands - Timber theft is a concern for everyone involved in good forestry. The trees in your woodlot are a valuable asset which should be protected. Landowners must take the responsibility to prevent timber theft on their property. Theft of timber from forest lands can destroy generations of careful forest stewardship and cause irreparable environmental damage.

General Permits for Stream Crossings for Timber Harvesting

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) - Emerald ash borer is a non-native wood-boring beetle that feeds on ash trees. It was discovered in New York in 2009, and poses an enormous threat to all of New York's ash trees.

The Economic Importance of New York's Forest-Based Economy 2013 - From Long Island, to Buffalo, to Plattsburgh, the tees and forests of New York provide New Yorker's and visitors alike with multiple values and amenities.

Trees for Tribs- A New York State program that engages volunteers in restoring thousands of feet of streamside buffers through tree planting using bare-root stock from the Saratoga State Tree Nursery.

Ice Storm Damage to Forests - Ice storms can damage thousands of acres of forest land in New York each year. Owners of forested tracts are encouraged to proceed cautiously in deliberating what actions may be appropriate in dealing with woodlot salvage and cleanup activities.

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