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Every mine must be reclaimed at the end of its productive life and the Department holds significant financial security to ensure that reclamation occurs. The Department also encourages concurrent reclamation as a means to minimize potential negative environmental impacts and to return lands affected by mining back to other productive uses. The permittee benefits from conducting concurrent reclamation in the form of reduced financial security and lower annual regulatory fees. Examples of significant reclamation projects for 2012 include:

Concurrent Reclamation - Region 3: Zieres-North Branch Mine

Town of Callicoon, Sullivan County (30643)

The permittee continues to pursue a program of concurrent reclamation at the site. Mining is nearly completed at the mine.

A large grass area that was a former mine site and is now reclaimed
Photo 1 - Reclaimed portion of the Zieres Mine.

Final Reclamation - Region 4: Rasweiler Farm Mine

Town of Copake, Columbia County

A mining termination notice for the mine was received in the fall of 2009. The entire site underwent reclamation efforts in 2010 and 2011. Final reclamation approval was granted in November 2012.

A surface mine, prior to reclamation with roads and bare soil
Photo 2 - View of the Rasweiler Mine prior to reclamation.

A reclaimed surface mine that is now a meadow
Photo 3 - The Rasweiler Mine after successful reclamation.

Final Reclamation - Region 6: R.T. Vanderbilt

Town of Fowler, St. Lawrence County

R.T. Vanderbilt is in the process of reclaiming its Number 1 and 2 talc mines in the Town of Fowler. The Vanderbilt Number 1 mine consists largely of shallow surface workings. Site reclamation has consisted of grading, replacement of topsoil, seeding and mulching. The Vanderbilt Number 2 Mine removed a large ore body to a depth of several hundred feet and is refilling with groundwater which will result in the formation of a small lake. A 2012 site inspection revealed about 80% of the mine has been reclaimed.

A surface mine prior to reclamation with piles of topsoil stockpiled
Photo 4 - Vanderbilt 2 Mine. View of topsoil emplacement
in stockpile areas in 2010.

Grass growing over stockpiled topsoil at a former mine
Photo 5 - Vanderbilt 2 mine. Stockpile areas in 2012.

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